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Last Call for the WRBA Dinner Dance

November 17, 2010

This year has been a battle — they came for our transit system, they came for our firehouses, and they came for our Library — the WRBA would never presume to take any credit for staving off those losses — but we were there on the front lines — and we helped amplify our residents’ voices — we helped voice our residents’ objections.  In the end, Woodhaven went 3-for-3 — saving all three.

There is 72 hours to go before Friday’s yearly Party — this year it’s being held at Joe Abbraciamento on Woodhaven Boulevard.  The residents of Woodhaven have responded nicely to this event — as of this evening, we have around 120 people scheduled to attend — we are truly grateful to each and every one of them.  But, to be honest, we wish more people had chosen to attend.

We need to give a final count tomorrow night — and we will not be selling tickets at the door — so if you want to attend and haven’t bought tickets yet — this is your last call.

It’s a 4 course meal — and if you’ve ever eaten at Joe Abbraciamento you know you are guaranteed a great meal.  We’ve got a DJ — close to $500 dollars in raffle prizes, a door prize, a money tree — it’s going to be a great night.

You can call our office — 718-296-3735 — but if you don’t get an answer, leave a message.  Or better yet, E-mail us — — and let us know how to contact you.

Ed Wendell


Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association