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Adopt a Pet – June 10th at Buddy Monument

May 11, 2017


In early 2008, Richmond Hill Block Association Vice President Paul Bankert’s wife Elizabeth had a funny dream that the Richmond Hill Block Association was giving out dogs as gifts. As Elizabeth described her dream, an idea began to form.

What if the RHBA hosted a pet adoption? Could we get adoptable pets to our headquarters on Jamaica Avenue and get the community to participate? Would it work? Could it become a “thing”; an annual event?

Paul brought the idea to the next board meeting of the RHBA. He described the idea of getting rescue groups to bring in pets and we could invite the community to adopt them.

Kathy Posekel, an active animal welfare advocate and RHBA treasurer suggested that we could get a NYC Parks Department permit and hold an adoption outdoors at Buddy Monument Plaza in Forest Park. Enthusiasm was high. Flag Day, June 14th was penciled into the calendar and we were off to plan what was to be the first annual RHBA Pet Adoption.

While Kathy reached out to her animal rescue contacts, Paul contacted his family veterinarian and local newspapers and websites for participation or support.

Kathy enlisted NYC Animal Care & Control (now known as Animal Care Centers of NYC), the ASPCA, and a few local Animal Rescue Groups to participate.

As the date got closer, RHBA members bought pet supplies and small patriotic items to give out at the event. Food and water bowls, collars, leashes, litter boxes and pet toys would be given to each adopting family.

We planned for a 10:00 AM start but the rescue groups all arrived closer to 11:30. Despite the delayed start, there were a dozen people patiently waiting in the park for their new fury friends to arrive.

By 4:00 PM, 14 pets had been adopted out between all of the rescue groups. A vet from Lefferts Animal Hospital answered dozens of questions and provided coupons for a free new pet examination. Anyone who wanted a small American flag got one courtesy of the RHBA. Then and there, we vowed to make our pet adoption an annual event.

With the exception of 2014 when it rained off and on during the day and nine pets were adopted, the RHBA has facilitated the adoption of no fewer than 10 pets each year and average 12 pets per event; not bad for four or so hours per year.

Ten years later, after eclipsing the century mark of 100 pets adopted in 2016, we’re ready for our tenth adoption event and eager to begin our quest for our next 100.

The Richmond Hill Block Association is proud to partner with Animal Care Centers of NYC, the ASPCA, and Heavenly Angels Rescue at our pet adoption events and is thankful to our volunteers and for the support of our community. The RHBA looks forward to another successful pet adoption on Saturday, June 10th, starting at 11:00 AM at Buddy Monument Plaza at Forest Park in Queens.

Is This The Same Guy?

January 17, 2013

Update:  On April 1st, a woman in Elmhurst was attacked and raped (click here, scroll down).  The sketch of him is very similar to the Richmond Hill rapist from 2012 — see for yourself and compare:

sameThe 2012 Richmond Hill rapist was described as: “25 to 35 years old, between 5-foot-5 and 5-foot-7 and approximately 200 pounds with spiked hair.”

The 2013 Elmhurst rapist was described as: “25 to 30 years old, 150 to175 pounds with black spiked hair.”


On Sunday, 5/27/2012 a man raped a woman on 89th Avenue between 102nd and 104th streets.  Although the story says the rape happened in Woodhaven, it was actually in Richmond Hill.  Click here for story.

On Sunday, 1/13/2013 a man attacked a woman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Click here for that story.

Last night, on Twitter, someone made a remark about the resemblance between the sketch of the Richmond Hill suspect and surveillance video of the Williamsburg suspect.  Here they are, so you can compare — similar jowls, or jawline.  Big ears.  Spiky hair.  Eyes look similar.  We have passed along the information to the NYPD to see what they think.  But we’d like to hear your opinion — make sure you vote in our poll below.


Without Your Help – Engine 294 Will Close

May 27, 2011

** ALERT **  ALERT  ** ALERT **  ALERT  ** ALERT **  ALERT  **

There will be a rally to Save Engine 294, which is definitely on the list of fire companies to close.  The rally will be held on Sunday, June 5th at 1 PM.  Please make every possible effort to attend.  Without a good turnout, we may see the doors of Engine 294 close for good.

We cannot let this happen.  We remember what happened the last time they closed 294.

The WRBA is teaming up with the Richmond Hill Block Association, and working with our elected officials — if you have contacts in any schools or any other organizations in Woodhaven, please put them in touch with us — this issue effects us all.

We are planning to hand out flyers at the steps of train startions — 85th Street, 76th Street, Woodhaven Boulevard, and 95th Street.  Ideally, we’d like to have at least one 2-hour shift at each station one morning next week — and a 2-hour shift in the evening — this way we hit each station twice.

We need volunteers.  Let us know if you are free any mornings next week (specifically 6:30 to 8:30 AM) or any evenings (5:30 to 7:30 PM).

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors.  EMAIL US AT

We will be on the air LIVE tonight at 10, discussing our rally plans — even if you don’t listen, call in at 646-378-1612 and share a brief thought, memory — or even a word of thanks or support for the men and women of Engine 294.  The best audio clips will be used in an upcoming tribute video.

Without your help, Engine 294 will close.  Don’t let that happen.

Sunday, June 5th at 1 PM.   

El’s Angels – Engine 294

Rezoning Meeting at the RHBA Wed. 4/27 8 PM

April 21, 2011

As you may recall (and we covered here), Woodhaven and Richmond Hill are under consideration for rezoning —

What Is Rezoning and Why Should I Care?

There are laws that determine what can and can’t be built in a community — these are called zoning laws. Over time, these laws are reviewed and altered to fit the community’s needs. In this instance, the rezoning of Woodhaven and Richmond Hill  serves 2 main purposes:

  • guard against over-development; and
  • to promote development where desirable.

The last rezoning was close to 50 years ago — the changes made here may impact our communities for the next 50 years. And if you own property here, aren’t you interested if these changes will impact your investment? Even if you don’t own property, are you not interested in how your immediate surroundings may be impacted?

If you missed previous meetings/discussion on rezoning, there will be a meeting next Wednesday at the Richmond Hill Block Association (110-08 Jamaica Avenue).  The Department of City Planning will be giving a presentation on rezoning.  The meeting begins at 8 PM.  Hope to see you there.