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Rezoning Meeting at the RHBA Wed. 4/27 8 PM

April 21, 2011

As you may recall (and we covered here), Woodhaven and Richmond Hill are under consideration for rezoning —

What Is Rezoning and Why Should I Care?

There are laws that determine what can and can’t be built in a community — these are called zoning laws. Over time, these laws are reviewed and altered to fit the community’s needs. In this instance, the rezoning of Woodhaven and Richmond Hill  serves 2 main purposes:

  • guard against over-development; and
  • to promote development where desirable.

The last rezoning was close to 50 years ago — the changes made here may impact our communities for the next 50 years. And if you own property here, aren’t you interested if these changes will impact your investment? Even if you don’t own property, are you not interested in how your immediate surroundings may be impacted?

If you missed previous meetings/discussion on rezoning, there will be a meeting next Wednesday at the Richmond Hill Block Association (110-08 Jamaica Avenue).  The Department of City Planning will be giving a presentation on rezoning.  The meeting begins at 8 PM.  Hope to see you there.