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Woodhaven Poll: Muni-Meters

May 23, 2013


Well, we’ve had a few months to get used to the Muni-Meters — now, let’s hear what you have to say about them.  Are they easier than the meters?  Cleaner?  Or are they a pain in the tush?

Woodhaven Residents’ Poll: How To Stop Speeding

May 17, 2013


There have been a number of fatal accidents now in our community — and Woodhaven Boulevard was recently designated as the most dangerous road in Queens.  Much of the problem is caused by speeding cars — so this week’s question is — how do we get cars to slow down?  Choose one of the options — or enter your own answer!


April 25, 2013

Queens is under represented when it comes to landmarking, so it is refreshing to hear a couple of local possibilities.  Most people generally agree that there are 3 possibilities for landmarking:

St. Matthew’s Church (and the historic Wyckoff-Snediker Family Cemetery behind it.)  Click here to read more.


The Forest Park Carousel with all of it’s beautiful wood-carved horses — click here for lots more coverage


And finally — a familiar sight that’s technically in Ozone Park, but was once a central part of Woodhaven — the Lalance-Grosjean Clocktower (click here for more info):


So, if you could landmark only one of these places, which one would it be?