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Graffiti Cleanup – Sunday August 10th at 10 AM

July 31, 2014

Recently, a few residents of Woodhaven (two of them, in fact) spent a few hours going round painting over mailboxes, light poles, etc. It’s fun work, very rewarding, and leaves the neighborhood cleaner than when we started. We need a few volunteers for our next cleanup – Sunday, August 10th at 10 AM.  You’ll be working for about 3 hours with neighbors (and new friends).  We need volunteers – contact the WRBA at or call 718-296-3735 and leave a message (and a way to contact you).

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Help Keep Woodhaven Clean

May 9, 2013

We’ve been hit hard by graffiti vandals — and we’ll be stepping up our efforts to Keep Woodhaven Clean.  We are going to start going out on cleanup tours and we need volunteers.

Each cleanup tour is 2 hours long and consists of a team of 4 or 5 residents.  It’s fun and you get a lot accomplished and you get to meet a few of your neighbors.  We provide the paint and the brushes — you provide the energy!  In addition to cleaning mailboxes, we keep our eyes out for houses that have been tagged — we collect the information and report it later on to 311 for clean up.

If you are interested in joining our efforts, please fill out this form — let us know which days you are available and a way to get in touch with you.

Our first battle is to tackle the mailboxes.  Last year, we managed to get all mailboxes in Woodhaven clean — and we intend to do so again.  We also called in about 40 houses which were cleaned — here is a fun video we made showing what we did —

If you are interested in helping keep your community clean, let us know — sign up — get involved — a little bit of effort from a lot of people will go a long, long way!



Update on 88-32 80th Street

March 10, 2011

The Queens Chronicle ran a nice piece on the abandoned house on 80th Street in the edition that hit the street Thursday.  We’re very grateful that they gave this topic the attention it deserves and put it on the front page.  And we hope the attention pays off — this needs to be resolved quickly.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, or perhaps it was due to the attention being shined on the situation, but the house was visited by the Department of Buildings today

The inspector walked through the property and observed the busted window where the thugs and vandals are gaining access.

He looked inside and saw the graffiti — the vandalism — the damage.  It’s clear that the house has been taken over — in fact, as there is evidence of drug use it’s actually a crime scene, no?

So, we go to the Department of Buildings website to check  the status of the latest complaint — and it’s resolved?

The ticket acknowledges that it is a vacant, open and unguarded structure — and it also notes that violations were issued.  But the fact that the ticket is “resolved” is a bit disconcerting.

However, our contact was told that this property will be boarded, and soon — but we can’t let up, not for even a moment.  We’re going to need to keep up the heat.  We can’t do that alone.

Please think about this for a moment — 6 months from now, or a year, we may be standing on your block.  Maybe looking at the house next to yours.  Or across the street.  You will want as much support as you can get from the community, no?  Please consider coming out to our next Town Hall and voicing your opinion — support your neighbors as you would want them support you.

We will meet on Saturday, March 19th at 1 PM at the Volunteer Ambulance Corps (78-15 Jamaica Avenue).   Please make an effort to attend.

Whiting Square Memorial Vandalized

January 20, 2011

The other morning we saw something that made our blood boil — we suspect you will feel the same way. We were driving around, taking some beautiful pictures of Woodhaven in the ice and snow, and we stopped off to take a picture of Whiting Square. Or, as many of you know it — The Rock.

This memorial is named for Lt. Clinton Whiting, who gave his life in the service of our country — he was killed in action far from home in 1918 — and he was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for Heroism in Action a year later.

And this is how some ignoramus treated our memorial:

What kind of an animal defaces a memorial with a vulgarity?

Last year, we reported on the deplorable amounts of graffiti in Woodhaven — and for a while there, we were making moves to tackle the problem.   But — and I’ll take the blame for this — the effort kind of fell apart. We gathered a good team, but failed to follow through on their good work.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve conceded or admitted defeat. Graffiti, once again, will be an issue we’ll tackle in 2011.

We have to.

What sort of a community would we be if we let this go unanswered? What lesson do the children of Woodhaven learn when they that we allow this vile act of vandalism go unchecked

You know what they learn? They learn that it’s normal.

We have to change that perception. We’ll start by taking care of the memorial at Whiting Square (we’ll announce details on that soon).   But we need more community involvement to battle it properly.

Recently, we announced our intention to build up communications within Woodhaven via Block Captains. Read more about that here. As of right now, we have 22 Block Captains covering 34 blocks. In the last snowstorm we had, we heard from them all — and we called in the 2 blocks that still needed plowing. Here’s the point — we were able to ascertain the conditions of these blocks within an hour — and that information was processed directly to those who were able to resolve the issue.

Here are the blocks with captains — if your block is not represented, it is not getting this extra attention.

If you are interested in being a Block Captain, send an E-mail to with your name, address and phone number.

What do you think? You think that perhaps we can somehow leverage this strategy and use it to combat graffiti? It would certainly make it easier to catalog where the graffiti is — to report it, get it cleaned up —

We’re not talking a tremendous amount of effort on your part — if there’s a storm you’ll get an E-mail, perhaps a phone call, and tell us how things look on your block. Maybe once a year we’ll ask you if there’s any graffiti on your block.

Minimal effort by a large number of people can achieve great things — but we need to sign up those people.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are a resident of Woodhaven. If you care about your community, sign up to be a Block Captain. Let’s not let animals like the one that defaced our memorial get away with crap like that.

Ed Wendell

President – WRBA