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Assemblyman Miller Sponsors Woodhaven Food Drive

January 11, 2011

Assemblyman Mike Miller is sponsoring a food drive to benefit All Nations Baptist Church in an attempt to keep the pantry full for those who are most needy in the Woodhaven area. “This pantry services a lot of those in need for our community and we need to work as a community to make sure the pantry has enough supplies so they never have to turn anyone away. This is for the community and we need to make sure the community is involved.” Assemblyman Miller said.

Assemblyman Mike Miller

The Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association applauds Assemblyman Miller and All Nations Baptist Church and is very happy to serve as a collection point for donations to the Food Pantry.  These are difficult times and we know the residents of Woodhaven will come through for their fellow residents, some of whom are really struggling.  You can drop off your donation at our office at 84-20 Jamaica Avenue.

Please note that if our offices are closed, you can leave your donation next door at Spirare Cleaners.  The owner, Charlie, is a terrific guy — it’s a small shop and they do a great job cleaning and mending clothing.  You can also leave your donations with:

  • All Nations Baptist Church at 86-76 80th Street
  • Assemblyman Mike Miller’s Office at 83-91 Woodhaven Boulevard

For more information, call Assemblyman Miller’s office at 718-805-0950. The drive will run from now until January 27th, 2011.  Important: We need more collection points — if you are interested in acting as a collection point, call Noel at 718-787-7002.

You can also contact All Nation Baptist by E-mailing them at or calling 718-296-2025

Some general guidelines / desired food items:

Dairy: Milk – dried, evaporated, and boxed (such as Parmalat)

Protein: Beef stew, nuts, peanut butter, beans, and peas (dried or canned), chili, tuna fish, chicken, salmon (canned)

Vegetables: Tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, vegetables (canned), tomato juice

Fruit: Raisins and other dried fruit, applesauce, any canned fruit in its own juice

Grains: Crackers, oatmeal, whole grain rice, all types of pasta, ready to eat low sugar/high fiber cereal (Cheerios, Raisin Bran, etc.)

Here are some general guidelines for donations for food drives:

  • non-perishable (not frozen or refrigerated), sealed, unexpired food
  • unopened toiletries (shampoo, soap, shaving cream, etc.) that should be kept separate from any food donation
  • for the safety of our volunteers we prefer non-glass containers

All Nations Baptist Church, located on 80th Street, is on Facebook — click here to visit them.  They have a long history in Woodhaven — here is a Now and Then look at All Nations:

Please consider how difficult things are for some of your fellow Woodhaven residents — and if you can, please give a donation to the Food Pantry.