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Protect Yourself Against Huge Water or Sewer Service Line Repair Bills

January 24, 2013


There is a new city program introduced by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that could save you thousands of dollars.

Did You Know?  With all of the street work that is going on in and around Woodhaven — did you know that you — the homeowner — are responsible for repairing damaged water or sewer service lines that run from your home to the service lines in the street. That means if the city comes down your street, replacing water or sewer lines — and if your lines get damaged in the process — you are on the hook for the costs of repair.

One homeowner at our last meeting told us that the costs for her repairs topped $9000!

Most home insurance policies do not cover these repairs — and if you try to get your insurance company to cover those damages, the premiums can be extremely high.

However, from now until June 30th you can sign up for a special protection program — $3.99 per month for water line protection and $7.99 per month for sewer line protection.  So, for about 12 bucks per month you can protect yourself against these high repair costs.  If you sign up for this, the costs are included in your regular DEP bills.

Sounds to us like a good deal.   Most of us would have trouble affording 9K for repairs — but we can swing 12 bucks per month.  Here is Eric Ulrich speaking about the program at our January Town Hall meeting:

Eric Ulrich Tells WRBA About Protection Plan

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