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Woodhaven Film Shoot To Cause Parking Headaches

January 26, 2011

Please be aware that there is a major film shoot here in Woodhaven for the next few days.   “Tower Heist” starring Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, and Alan Alda will be filming interiors at Neir’s Tavern.   There will be no exterior shooting in Woodhaven.  But parking will be severely impacted.

During the shoot, parking will be restricted in areas of Woodhaven — any violation will result in your vehicle being towed to the nearest legal spot.   The signs have been up for a few days — and the restriction begins tonight (Tuesday) at 10 PM. They were on-site as early as 6 PM tonight, putting down cones in empty spots.

This will undoubtedly be inconvenient for local residents — especially coming on the heels of the recent snowstorms, which has left huge mounds of snow, eating up precious parking spots.

What caught our attention was the large number of streets where parking was being restricted — as far away as Jamaica Avenue, 80th Street and Rockaway Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue.  We spoke with the Mayor’s Office of Film Theatre and Broadcasting this afternoon and they confirmed that there would be No Parking on the following streets:

The effected streets are:

  • 78th Street between 88th and Jamaica Ave
  • Jamaica Ave between 77th and 80th (South Side)
  • 80th Street between Jamaica Ave and 87th Ave
  • 88th Ave between 77th and 78th Streets
  • 78th and 80th half that’s closer to 78th
  • Rockaway between 91st and Atlantic Ave

No streets will be closed to traffic.   Many of these streets are narrow — so, parking will be prohibited on both sides of the street.   The film company’s trucks will park on one side of the street — they will leave the other side open so cars can pass.

They will be filming interiors Wednesday Night and Thursday night, wrapping up and departing Woodhaven on Friday Morning.

We’re very happy that film companies are selecting Woodhaven to film here.  Besides this, we had “The babysitter” in Forest Park in the Fall, and “Morning Glory” on 94th Street and Park Lane South last winter.  However, we are concerned that the local residents not be too inconvenienced.  Please follow up with the Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association and let us know your experiences with this shoot, good or bad.  Contact us by E-mail at