Transformer Fire – 80 Street Woodhaven



Council Member Ulrich,

The following is taking place in your district:

FDNY is on scene at the above location for a transformer fire. The fire has resulted in a power outage affecting approximately 30 houses, between 80th Street and 85th Street.

There are no evacuations.

Firefighting operations are ongoing.

Con Edison is on scene and states the fire started as a manhole fire, that spread to the overhead power lines.

Con Edison is currently assessing the condition of the manhole and power lines.

FDNY states one civilian was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

The aided was at the location when sparks from the fire landed on his neck.

88th Avenue, between 80th Street and 85th Street, is closed to vehicular traffic at this time.

NYPD is on scene providing site security and conducting a door to door canvass.

* Attached is a photo of the incident.

Our monitoring operations continue.

Thank you,

Councils Emergency Services Unit 646-584-8848



Council Member Ulrich,

Here is an update:

Con Edison crews continue with repairs to overhead wires. ETR is today, early afternoon.

Street closures remain in place.

We will follow-up at 2:00pm, today.


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