Woodhaven’s Grapevine – Volume # 133



  • Our Top Stories
    • Woodhaven Town Hall Saturday July 18th 10 AM at Emanuel
    • Community Calendar
    • Save the Date! WRBA 2015 Fundraiser / Dinner Dance 
  • Local Events
    • Historical Society Research Group  7/7
    • The Beatles at the Bandshell  7/9
    • Cemetery Cleanup 7/11
    • No-Cost Breast Cancer Screening 7/23
    • Graffiti Cleanup for NYFAC  7/25
    • Blood Drive at Emanuel  7/25
    • National Night Out Against Crime  8/4  
    • Woodhaven 50s Drive-In Party  8/22
  • News & Announcements

    • Litter Issues Plague Woodhaven
    • Woodhaven BID Comes Out Against SBS
    • Woodhaven WW2 Vet Returns to Neir’s Tavern
    • WRBA Website
    • Radio Free Woodhaven
    • Miss Woodhaven Update
    • School Sisters Update
    • Woodhaven Resources
    • WRBA Dance Journal
    • WRBA Membership Drive

** Our Top Stories:

** Woodhaven Town Hall Saturday July 18 – As mentioned above, our next meeting is Saturday July 18th at 10 AM at Emanuel United Church of Christ (91st Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard). Click here for highlights of our last Town Hall (June 2015).
** Community Calendar – Just above – and again at the bottom of every Grapevine – are links to the community calendar that the WRBA maintains. Please take a few moments to peruse the schedule of events, including all the Forest Park concerts, for 2015. And if you see that we’re missing something — let us know!
** Save the Date! The 2015 Dinner Dance / Fundraiser – The WRBA’s annual celebration of Woodhaven will take place at Roma View Catering Hall on Friday, October 2nd starting at 7:30. Tickets will go on sale soon – and an exciting group of honorees will be announced very soon.

** Upcoming Events:

** Woodhaven Research Group – This month marks the 120th Anniversary of the cyclone that struck Woodhaven (click here to read all about it). Tomorrow (Tuesday, July 7th), the Woodhaven History Research Group will meet at 7 PM at the Avenue Diner (91-06 Jamaica Avenue) and a very interesting historical fact will be revealed. Also, learn what life in Woodhaven 1916 was like – and get a sneak preview of the WCHS’ presentation “Woodhaven & Ozone Park: Life on the Border.”
** Beatles at the Bandshell – Beatlemania hits the Forest Park Bandshell Thursday (July 9th) at 7:30 – and remember to ride our historic landmarked Forest Park Carousel after the show!.
** Cemetery Cleanup – The Cemetery Crew has been working hard to restore the Wyckoff-Snedicker Family Cemetery – click here to see last month’s effort – and they’ll be back at it this Saturday (July 11th) from 9 AM to 12 PM. There is plenty of light work available (rock collecting, leaf raking) – and volunteers are needed and most welcome! 96th Street and 86th Avenue behind All Saints Church.
** No-Cost Breast Cancer Screening – The American-Italian Cancer Foundation’s (AICF) mobile, No-Cost Breast Cancer Screening Program which provides mammograms and clinical breast exams to uninsured and medically underserved New York City women is scheduled to conduct screenings in Woodhaven on Thursday, July 23, 2015 in front of Queens County Savings Bank (NYCB) at  93-22 Jamaica Avenue. You must schedule an appointment.  For more information, please call 1-877-628-9090.
** Graffiti Cleanup to Fight Autism –  On Saturday, July 25, the Block Association will lead a group of volunteers in painting every mailbox in the neighborhood.  Many of Woodhaven’s more than 100 mailboxes have been vandalized with graffiti.  The WRBA will solicit pledges from residents to support the clean-up effort.  All proceeds will be donated to New York Families for Autistic Children (NYFAC). Residents may pledge donations (for example, 25 cents per mailbox painted) and may cap their pledges (for example, 50 cents per mailbox, up to a maximum of $25).
** Blood Drive at Emanuel – Emanuel United Church of Christ, (93-12 91st Avenue) will be hosting their 8th Annual Warren Ackermann Memorial Blood Drive on Saturday, July 25th 9 AM to 2:45 PM.  Their goal this year is 40 pints of blood and your donation will help to save up to three lives. This blood drive is always a fun day with good people, good refreshments and a good raffle.  Walk-ins welcome or you may call 718-849-1153 for an appointment. For questions concerning medical eligibility, please call 1-800-688-0900. Note: New York Blood Center is also offering a Donor Advantage Program, so each time you donate blood you will earn points.  Once you accumulate 800 points, you can then redeem your points for a wide variety of gifts, gift cards or donate your points to selected charitable organizations.
** National Night Out Against Crime – The 2015 Night Out Against Crime will take place Tuesday, August 4th at the Buddy Monument in Richmond Hill. This is always a fun time – and a great opportunity to get to know your local police officers. Click here for highlights from last year’s event.
** 50s Woodhaven Drive-In Party – On Saturday August 22nd, the Woodhaven Historical Society will bring back the excitement of the Drive-In Movies — Coming Attractions and Short Films — the great music on the speakers — running to the Snack Bar to get Popcorn or Hot Dogs. Tickets $5 for adults, $2 for children – click here for more details.
** News & Announcements:
** Litter Issues Plague Woodhaven – Click here to read about the ongoing litter problems in Woodhaven. “The Sanitation Department has spent enough time in the middle of the night ticketing the victims of illegal dumping to lead me to believe that they’re not using their resources as intelligently as possible to combat the root cause of the problem,” says WRBA Director Alexander Blenkinsopp. “People who dump illegally don’t seem to be afraid of getting tickets and they know the victims will get the tickets.”
** Woodhaven BID Comes Out Against SBS – Maria Thomson, executive director of the Woodhaven Business Improvement District, announced on Tuesday her group’s opposition to the Department of Transportation’s $200 million Select Bus Service plan due to its proposal to ban left turns from Woodhaven Boulevard onto Jamaica Avenue. Click here to read more.
** Woodhaven WW2 Vet Returns to Neir’s – 90-year old WW2 Vet William Burlingame was married to his wife Peggy in 1946. They held the reception there as well. Mr. Burlingame wrote to Neir’s Tavern and said he would like to visit it once again, and he’s making the long trek this Saturday and will arrive at Neirs for the first time in decades around 1 PM. Click here to read the letter that Mr. Burlingame wrote.
** WRBA Website – If you ever want to know when our next meeting is, you can always find out by visiting our official website – woodhaven-nyc.org. There, you will find our Community Calendar, Latest News and Announcements, Membership Info, our Press Releases, and a list of our media appearances.
** Radio Free Woodhaven – We’ll be LIVE Friday at 10 PM EST, click here at that time to listen live. Call in during the show, (646) 378-1612 and voice your opinion. If you miss the live broadcast, you can always click the same link to listen archives.
** Miss Woodhaven Update – Do you remember Nalicia Ramdyal, aka Miss Woodhaven? She has been selected to represent the USA as the Miss Global International pageant, which will be held on the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago on October 3rd. You can follow Nalicia’s story of the Miss Global USA page, click here for more information.
** School Sisters Updates – The School Sisters of Notre Dame recently held their closing ceremony for 2015 (click here for highlights). And even more recently, they held a fundraiser at the Forest Park Carousel – click here for pictures and video.
** Woodhaven Resources – Click here for a new page that is a useful resource of local numbers and links — you will find local clubs and organizations, emergency numbers, city agencies, elected officials, schools and churches. This is a work in progress – if you come across any incorrect information or information you think should be added, please drop a line to projectwoodhaven@gmail.com.
** WRBA Dance Journal – Each year, the WRBA produces a journal for its dinner dance. The journal looks back on the past 12 months, pays tribute to our honorees, and includes many ads from businesses and sponsors — click here to take a few moments to look through last year’s WRBA Journal. And please take note of the businesses that supported our community by taking out an ad in this year’s journal. Return the favor – support these businesses – and please thank them the next time you are doing business with them.  Without their support, much of what the WRBA does would not be possible.

** WRBA Membership Drive – Many thanks to everyone who signed up as new members or renewed their existing memberships. Our drive for new memberships and renewals continues.  If you want to renew or sign-up online, click here.

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