Grand Larceny – Read This, Share This – Be Careful!


I am writing you on behalf of Deputy Inspector Sautner, to inform you and make you aware of a crime which occurred on September 29, 2014 within the confines of the 102nd precinct. The victim of this particular scam was an 89 year old Hispanic woman. At approximately 11:00 a.m., the victim was approached by two perpetrators at the intersection of 107th Street and Jamaica Avenue. The first perpetrator is described as a well dressed light skin male Hispanic, approximately 50 years old, with short curly black hair, brown eyes, about 6 feet in height. The second perpetrator is described as a well dressed dark skin female Hispanic, with short straight black hair, brown eyes, approximately 5 feet in height weighing 170 lbs. Both perpetrators spoke to the victim in Spanish, and the male identified himself as a pastor. At such time, they informed the victim that they were in possession of a winning lottery ticket worth $6,000. The perpetrators further deceive the victim by calling a fictitious lottery agency to confirm the winning ticket in front of the victim while on speaker phone. The lottery ticket is later determined to be a fake, however, not before the perpetrators were able to convince the victim to exchange cash and jewelry in exchange for the ticket, even offering to drive the victim to a nearby bank to withdraw money, and then to the victim’s home. We urge the community to remain vigilant and immediately call 911 to report any further attempts of deception. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Police Officer Edwin Martinez
102 Pct Community Affairs

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