Represent Woodhaven in 2014 Memorial Day Parade


Each and every year, Woodhaven is represented in the Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade — but on several of those occasions, our representation was rather sparse. For a few years, we were down to one marcher.


That was Mr. Allan Smith, of Woodhaven, marching under the banner of the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society.  Last year, the Historical Society’s marchers expanded their representation to include Arlene Annunziata and Josphine Wendell.  So, now we’re up to three.  Here they are – photo courtesy of the Richmond Hill Historical Society and Ivan Mrakovcic.


Shouldn’t we be able to get more people out to march? Wouldn’t your kids enjoy the opportunity to represent Woodhaven in this parade? This year’s parade is going to be on Sunday May 25th  — we’re going to meet near the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Ascan Avenue (right near the Cinemart Theater) at 11:30 AM (the parade starts at Noon.)

The parade is not a long one – it goes to Remsen Cemetery, right near Woodhaven Boulevard — where a nice ceremony follows.

Please RSVP to represent Woodhaven in the 2014 Memorial Day Parade by filling out the following form.

Here are scenes from last year’s parade — the “Woodhaven Trio” enters the scene around thee 2:30 mark.  Let’s do better than that this year!



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