Woodhaven’s Grapevine – Volume # 108


In this issue of The Grapevine:
  • Next Town Hall TOMORROW
  • Playground Cleanup
  • Flag Day Barbecue Thanking The Vets
  • Participatory Budgeting Aftermath
  • A View of Woodhaven Slideshow Encore
  • Beware of Scammers
  • Adopt a Platoon
  • Operation Comfort Warriors
  • School Sisters of Notre Dame Raffle
  • Flag Day Barbecue
** Town Hall Meeting TOMORROW – Our next Town Hall meeting will be on Thursday, April 24th at 7 PM. It will be held at the American Legion Post 118 hall at 92nd Street and 89th Avenue (behind PS 60).

** Playground Cleanup – The Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association is working with Forest Park, to keep our park clean. We will be cleaning up Mary Whelan Playground (78th and Park Lane South) on Saturday, May 3rd at 9 AM. The Parks Department will be providing tools and T-Shirts to people who RSVP.  Reply to this email if you want to be part of this fun event – perfect for children and families. Click here for more information.

** Flag Day Barbecue Thanking the Vets – We will be holding a Flag Day Barbecue to thank our Vets on Saturday, June 14th outside of the American Legion. In order to do this we are putting together a small committee of people to work on planning it – interested in planning a party?  Email us and let us know. Also – we are looking to borrow a few tents for that day – if you have a tent and would not mind loaning it to honor our veterans, please email us (info@woodhaven-nyc.org) and let us know!

** Participatory Budgeting Aftermath – Here’s some food for thought on the “participatory” portion of Participatory Budgeting. We expect we’ll do a lot better next year – want to be more involved?  Let us know!

** A View of Woodhaven Free Slide Show – The Woodhaven Historical Society’s presentation entitled “A View of Woodhaven – Part 1” attracted a big crowd Monday – for those who are interested, there will be an encore presentation on Wednesday April 30th at 1 PM at Emanuel United Church of Christ.
** Beware of Scammers – At the most recent 102 Precinct Community Council meeting, residents were warned about some popular scams going around in our precinct – click here for more information. And please pass along to any friends and neighbors. These scammers prey on the elderly and the trusting – if you know someone like that, please pass the word!
** Adopt a Platoon – American Legion Post 118  would like some help in sending a box of goods to a platoon in Afghanistan.  They need baby wipes, green tea and chai, tooth paste, razors, soap, fly swatters. If you’d like, drop off the items tomorrow night at the American Legion at the Woodhaven Town Hall meeting..

** Operation Comfort Warriors – The American Legion Auxiliary is holding a raffle to benefit Operation Comfort Warriors.  $20 per ticket- only 150 tickets will be sold!  1st prize $1,000. 2nd Prize $350. 3rd prize $150.  Those are good odds!  Operation Comfort Warriors is a program established by the American Legion to help service personnel returning home by providing “nonessentials” – items that would help wounded warriors in their recovery.  If you would like to purchase raffle tickets, please contact Jennifer Farley at jfarley13729@yahoo.com.  For more info on Operation Comfort Warriors, click here.

** School Sisters Raffle – The School Sisters of Notre Dame is holding a raffle, the winning prizes are $100 Metro Cards.  Tickets are only $2 each and can be purchased at the SSND Educational Center (call 718-738-0588). Would you like to help the Sisters sell some tickets?  Contact Ed Wendell at projectwoodhaven@gmail.com.

Until next time,
Your friends and Neighbors at the

Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association

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