Woodhaven’s Turn To Help – Call on HPD to “Tear It Down!”



Here is the latest on the partially collapsed building at 78-19 Jamaica Avenue.  The owner did not show up in court yesterday. The judge refused his lawyer’s request for an extension.  It has been referred to Housing Preservation & Development. Sen. Addabbo said that he spoke to the Commissioner of HPD asking them to take the building down or to make repairs ASAP. We know our other elected officials will do the same.  They have the power to make repairs or tear it down – it is now in their hands.

That is GREAT NEWS because that means it is also IN YOUR HANDS.

We are asking you to take 3 or 4 minutes to go to the HPD Contact Page and enter a polite, respectful message asking them — on behalf of the residents of Woodhaven, the volunteer members of the Woodhaven-Richmond Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corp, the seniors of the Woodhaven-Richmond Hill Senior Center that have been displaced — ask the HPD to take action ASAP.  Ask them to tear this neglected danger down.

You can do this by going to this page by clicking this link.

You will get a screen where you can enter your contact info, or choose to remain anonymous.  It takes seconds to fill out – please do this for the residents of Woodhaven, for your friends and neighbors, for the good people of the ambulance corps, and for the seniors that have been displaced.


Thank you very much for your support.

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