2014 Participatory Budgeting Voting Results


This news just in from Councilman Eric Ulrich’s Office – the residents of District 32, Community Board 9 have weighed in on a ballot of proposals.  The top 5 projects will be funded to the tune of just over a million dollars:

The winning projects are:

  1. School Upgrades $376,000 (137 votes)

New fencing around school yard at JHS210, technology upgrades at PS273 and PS60 and A/V upgrades in auditorium of PS64

  1. Installation of Real Time Bus Clocks $80,000 (112 votes)

Installation of real time bus count down clocks at 4 bus stops in Community Board 9.

  1. Paving along Woodhaven Boulevard $300,000 (106 votes)

Money to be allocated for milling and paving of 2 miles of road.

  1. Repave paths in Forest Park $150,000 (96 votes)

Repave pathways in Forest Park adjacent to the Schaffer Memorial

  1. Upgrades at Richmond Hill Library $100,000 (93 votes)

Money to go to full interior renovation of Richmond Hill Library.


The following projects fell short

  1. Upgrades at 102 Precinct $450,000 (81 votes)

Repair flooding issues and repave parking lot at 102nd Precinct

  1. New Signage for Hiking Trails in Forest Park $50,000 (73 votes)

Installation of new signage at the three hiking trails in Forest Park

  1. New Fencing and Signage for Dog Park in Forest Park $100,000 (57 votes)

Replacement and fencing and new signage at the dog park in Forest Park

  1. Renovation of Giovenelli Playground $300,000 (55 votes)

Money to fully fund a complete renovation of Giovenelli playground. (BP has allocated $1 million. Total cost is $1.3 million)

 All projects that did not win this round of voting will be eligible to be placed on the ballot next year.  The 2015 Participatory Budgeting process will begin much earlier, in September of this year.  If you live in Woodhaven and would like to play a bigger role in this process next year, please contact the Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association at info@woodhaven-nyc.org or call 718-296-3735.

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