Parks Job Opening – Deadline to apply: February 18, 2014


City of New York/Parks & Recreation
Seasonal Job Vacancy Notice
Civil Service Title: City Seasonal Aide
Office Title: Corps Member/ Jamaica Bay Restoration Corps
Salary: $11.11 per hour
Duration: 6 Months
Work Location: Queens

The Jamaica Bay Restoration Corps (JBRC) is designed to provide work experience, employment skills counseling and leadership skills while participants restore and develop the landscape in and around Jamaica Bay/ Rockaway Parks. This 6 month program will consist of 5 days per week of work on a crew or at a worksite. Staff will attend classes, seminars and job counseling sessions.


• Work as a member of a crew in Jamaica Bay/ Rockaway Parks performing manual labor.

• Gain experience in beach operations, restoring wetlands, erosion prevention; grounds keeping and trail restoration.

• Plant new trees, care for them and remove downed tree limbs and debris.

• Remove debris (including wood, metals, docks, concrete, housing, boats, and other inorganic floatables) from the sand areas in Jamaica Bay parks.

• Work with community residents and develop local connections through surveys and needs assessments.

• Some classes and job counseling will be offered to participants.


• There are no formal education or experience requirements for this position.

• Ability to read and understand and obey orders.

• Ability to perform physical tasks such as lifting heavy debris, standing, sweeping, raking and shoveling for extended periods of time.

• High school diploma or GED

• Good work ethic and an interest in working outdoors.

• Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn/ travel throughout Jamaica Bay/ Rockaway Parks area.

Send resume and cover letter by mail, fax or email to:

Deadline to apply: February 18, 2014

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