Woodhaven’s Grapevine – Volume # 102



In this issue of The Grapevine:

  • Town Hall Meeting – Saturday
  • New WRBA Leadership
  • Billiard Hall Liquor License
  • Woodhaven Resident in Pageant
  • Crime Tip – The Mystery Shopper Scam
  • Woodhaven Native Pens Memoir
  • Do You Recognize These Guys?
  • Homework Help Heroes
  • Abandoned Railway Line Meeting
  • Radio Free Woodhaven
** Town Hall Meeting – Saturday – We will be having our first meeting of the year this Saturday and it’s an important one. It will take place at 1 PM at Emanuel United Church of Christ (we’ll be in the downstairs meeting room).  We will be getting a presentation on Participatory Budgeting – that’s where the residents of Woodhaven get to decide how tax dollars get spent.  Want to be part of the process?  We’ll see you Saturday!  Read more about Participatory Budgeting here.
** New Leadership – Congratulations to Martin Colberg and Giedra Kregzdys, the new President and Vice-President of the Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association.  Read more about them here.
** Billiard Hall Liquor License – The application for a liquor license by the soon to open Pool Hall on Rockaway Blvd. was unanimously rejected by Community Board 9. This is the 2nd time in a few months CB9 has rejected this application.  A pool hall used to sit at the same spot and was the location of much trouble over the years.
** Woodhaven Resident in Beauty Contest – Keep your fingers crossed for Woodhaven’s Nalicia Ramdyal, who will be competing this weekend in the Miss New York USA Pageant.  Click here to read about Nalicia. We’ll let you know how she does!
** Crime Tip – The Mystery Shopper Scam – If it seems to good to be true, it usually is!  Click here for more information.
** Woodhaven Native Pens Memoir – Retired NYPD Detective Raymond Berke, who was born and raised in Woodhaven, has published a book about his years in the NYPD, including his involvement in an international smuggling case with ties to the royal family and as the lead detective on the College Point massacre.  Click here to find out more.
** Do You Recognize These Guys? A pair of burglars have been plaguing Queens, and they robbed one grocery store right here in Woodhaven.  But they didn’t realize they were on candid camera.  Take a look, maybe you recognize these guys from around town.  Click here to see more.
** Homework Help Heroes – Some residents in Woodhaven are starting an organization to help bring students in need and volunteer teachers together. They will be having an introductory presentation on Monday, January 30th at 6:30 PM at the Avenue Diner.  Click here for more information.
** Abandoned Railway Line Meeting – Last month, the residents of Woodhaven met and had an opportunity to voice their opinion on what should be done with the abandoned Rockaway Beach LIRR Railway.  It was a good meeting with differing opinions voiced in a civil manner – click here for video of the meeting.

** Radio Free Woodhaven – Queens Historian Jason Antos will be calling in to Radio Free Woodhaven Friday Night at 10 PM, click here to listen to it.  Mr. Antos is author of Queens: Then and Now and the recent history book on Jackson Heights.  He will be the guest speaker at the Woodhaven Historical Society, Wednesday, January 29th at 1 PM (Emanuel United Church of Christ – corner of Woodhaven Blvd. and 91st Avenue).

Until next time,
Your friends and Neighbors at the

Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association


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