Woodhaven’s Grapevine – Volume # 89



In this issue of The Grapevine:
  • June Town Hall – this Saturday
  • Flag Day at St. Thomas – this morning
  • 102nd Pct.’s New Community Affairs Officer
  • Forest Park Carousel Landmarking
  • Woodhaven History Project
  • School Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Eliminate Illegal Front-Yard Driveways
  • Great Woodhaven Yard Sale
  • NYPD Tip of the Week – Outsmarting Phone Thieves
  • Last Grapevine’s Poll Results
  • Woodhaven Noise Survey
  • Radio Free Woodhaven
** Our June Town Hall will be this Saturday, June 15, 1 p.m., at the Woodhaven-Richmond Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corps (78-15 Jamaica Avenue).  We hope you come!
** Flag Day ceremony:  St. Thomas the Apostle School will be hosting its 10th annual Flag Day ceremony this morning (Friday, June 14), at 10 a.m. in the 87th Street schoolyard.  Flags will be distributed to all the children and guests, compliments of the American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary of Woodhaven.
** 102nd Precinct’s New Community Affairs Officer:  Congratulations to Officer Brendan Noonan, who has been promoted to Community Affairs at the 102nd Precinct.  We have worked with Officer Noonan in the past and have a high level of confidence in his abilities, just as we do with Officer Jose Severino.  We believe they will make an exceptional team that will benefit all of our communities.  Good luck to him!
** Forest Park Carousel Landmarking:  On Tuesday, New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission held a hearing about designating the Forest Park Carousel a landmark.  Click here to read about the potential landmarking.  The Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association supports making the carousel a landmark, and will submit written testimony to the Commission in favor of doing so.
** Woodhaven History Project:  A group of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students from Saint Thomas the Apostle School produced a documentary entitled “Woodhaven: Diverse Backgrounds United in One History,” in cooperation with the Woodhaven Cultural and Historical Society.  The film premiered at the Cinemart Theatre in Forest Hills on Monday, to great success.  Click here for a Daily News article about the project.  There will be another screening of the movie on Tuesday, June 18th, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the 88th Street cafeteria of St. Thomas the Apostle.  There will be a $2 charge at the door.
** School Sisters of Notre Dame:  WRBA President Ed Wendell wrote this column about the excellent and noble work being done right here in Woodhaven at the School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Center.  Read it!  And click here to find out about a fundraiser the School Sisters will be holding next month.
** Eliminate Illegal Front-Yard Driveways:  Some residents and homeowners have paved over their front yards and started to park cars there, although it’s against the law.  Click here to read a column by the WRBA’s communications director, Alexander Blenkinsopp, about this issue.
** The Great Woodhaven Yard Sale Committee will meet for the first time on Thursday, June 20, 7 p.m., at our office at 84-20 Jamaica Avenue.  This committee will plan and organize the Great Woodhaven Yard Sale for 2013.  It will be a fun committee to be part of.  If you’re interested in joining, drop us a line!
** NYPD Tip of the Week – Outsmarting Phone Thieves:  Some advice on how to prevent your phone from being stolen.  Click here for more information.
**  Last Grapevine’s Poll Results:  “Which Lewis was Your Lewis?”  68.75% (110 votes) voted for 85th Street.  31.25% (50 votes) voted for 90th Street.
**  Woodhaven Noise Survey:  If you haven’t taken it yet, please spend a couple of minutes to complete this survey we prepared to gather some basic information about noise in Woodhaven.
** Radio Free Woodhaven:  We’ll be back to our normal time this week.  Click here at 10 p.m. Friday to join us.
Until next time!
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