Woodhaven’s Grapevine – Volume # 87


In this issue of The Grapevine:

  • Operation ID: Woodhaven Friday 5/24, 5 PM to 8 PM – TOMORROW
  • Roger Hennin
  • Bringing More Trees to Woodhaven – Online Request Form
  • Town Hall Recap
  • Graffiti Cleanup – Update
  • Memorial Day Ceremony & Parade (Volunteers Needed)
  • Lost Pets – 1 Cat, 1 Dog
  • Woodhaven Historical Society – Antique Road Show
  • Forest Park Carousel Kicks off the Summer
  • Woodhaven in the Wall Street Journal
  • STA Student Artists Hold an Exhibit
  • WRBA Poll Question of the Week – How Do You Like Muni-Meters?
  • GWDC Spring Dance
  • MYAP Inc. Student Art Showcase – Pictures and Video
  • Woodhaven Artist Wins Honors
  • Radio Free Woodhaven – Click Here Friday At 10 PM
  • NYPD Tip of the Week.  Identity Theft prevention
  • 102 Pct. Community Council Recap
  • Police Horses to Be Stabled in Forest Park?
  • Woodhaven Church Converts to Day Care Center
  • Flea Market at Forest Park Coops
  • Great Woodhaven Yard Sale
  • Grocery Auction at Emanuel on June 7th
  • Our Newest Member

** OPERATION ID: WOODHAVEN.  The 102 Precinct will be at our office TOMORROW, from 5 PM to 8 PM to register your portable valuables, such as laptops, cell phones, cameras, etc.  Don’t find yourself wishing you had taken a few moments to participate.  You can also sign up for anti-car theft programs, VIN Etching, etc.  Bring in your bicycle for registration.  Click here for more information.

** Many thanks to all who came out in tribute to our beloved Roger Hennin.  The Forum ran a nice tribute, click here to read it.

** The Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association is leading an effort to bring more trees to Woodhaven.  If you give us a location where you think a tree should be planted, we will enter the request for you — and we will track it for you. We will also compile a list that we can go to the city with and ask that we get the attention needed to get this done.  Click here to request a tree.

** Many thanks to all who came out to last week’s Town Hall meeting.  Click here and here for news coverage of our Town Hall meeting.

** Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered to take part in our effort to rid Woodhaven of graffiti.  Click here to read an article by Alexander Blenkinsopp about our cleanup efforts.  We have our maps ready — we are just waiting to get a supply of paint.  As soon as we have that in hand, we will announce dates.

** Memorial DayThe Memorial Day Service at the American Legion Post in front of the Garden of Remembrance will be held on Monday, May 27, 2013, at 10:30 AM.  Click here for more information on The Garden of Remembrance.  Also, he Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society has secured a spot to march in this year’s Memorial Day Parade in Forest Hills.  Last year, we had ONE marcher representing Woodhaven — we are hoping we can do better this year, but so far our calls for marchers have not resulted in any volunteers.  The parade starts at 12 Noon on Sunday, May 26 starting at Metropolitan and Ascan Avenues and finishing at Remsen Memorial Park at Trotting Course Lane (near Woodhaven Boulevard).  If you are interested in joining up and making for a nice group representing Woodhaven, please drop us a line (info@woodhaven-nyc.org) or leave us a message at 718-805-2002.

** We have 1 Found Cat, and 1 Found Dog.  If you know anyone missing a pet, send these links to them.  If you should lose or find a pet, keep us in mind — we will do what we can to spread the word!

** On Wednesday May 29th at 1 PM the Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society will host veteran appraiser Eddie Costello (Antique Road Show) who will give a brief talk about his experiences in the appraisal field.  His time with us will be limited but all paid members of the WCHS will be guaranteed one free appraisal of an item that they bring.  After all paid members have gotten their appraisals everyone’s names will be collected in a hat (members and non-members) and we will choose persons to get appraisals until time runs out.  Here is a flashback to Eddie Costello’s last visit, in 2009.

** The Forest Park Carousel kicks off the summer on Saturday with magic shows, dance contests, prizes, and music with DJ all day.  Click here for more information.

** Woodhaven in the Wall Street Journal — Our community was featured in the Wall Street Journal — it’s a real nice write-up!  We’ve saved a copy here for anyone who would like to read it.

** STA Student-Artists Hold an Exhibit – The students of St. Thomas the Apostle recently help an art exhibit — click here to see their work.

** WRBA Poll Question of the Week: —  Muni-Meters — are they better than the old meters?  Your opinion?  Click here to register your vote!

** Last Week’s Poll Results:  We have had a number of fatalities on our roads — and we’d love to get cars to slow down.  But how can we do that?

  • Install Speed Cameras  35.29%  (6 votes)
  • Checkpoints  29.41%  (5 votes)
And we had a number of other suggestions that got 1 vote each:
  • Longer Lights
  • Stop and frisk speeders
  • More traffic police presence
  • Cameras maily with check points as well
  • Install speed bumps
  • Pedestrian timer lights

** GWDC Spring Dance – On Friday June 7, GWDC will hold their annual Dinner Dance at the Woodhaven Manor Caterers (formerly Cordon Bleu), newly renovated and under new management at 96-01 Jamaica Avenue.  The tickets for this great party with music are priced at only $65 for a wonderful evening of enjoyment with good food, good music and good company. Please call (718) 805-0202 for reservations and ticket purchases.   Click here for more information.

** MYAP Inc. Student Arts Showcase.  The children enrolled in MYAP Inc. showcased their talents last week and they were fantastic – click here for pictures and video.

** Woodhaven Artist Wins Honors – Woodhaven Artist Jose Moya (who was featured in the WRBA Art Show) has won an honor at an exhibit in NYC — and his painting is of Jamaica Avenue!  Click here for more information.

** Radio Free Woodhaven.  We’re on the air LIVE each Friday Night at 10 PM – News and History.  Click here at 10 PM Friday.


** NYPD Tip of the Week Identity Theft: Electronic Pickpocketing.  E-Theft is on the rise.  learn how to protect yourself.  Click here for more information.

** 102nd Precinct Community Council Click here for a report on this month’s 102 meeting.

** There is a push to install permanent stables for police horses in Forest Park, increasing mounted presence in our park.  Click here for more information.

** Christ Congregational Church on 91st Street is going to be converted into a Day Care Center (click here for more info).  BonusHere is an old postcard showing Christ Congregational.

** There will be a Multi-Vendor Garage Sale/Flea Market @ Forest Park Cooperative on Sunday 6/2 (Rain date is 6/9) — 83-30 98th Street in Gotham Building Sitting Area from 10AM until 2PM.  (Housewares, knick-knacks, office supplies, toys, clothing, books, CDs/DVDs, crafts, jewelry, etc. for sale)

** We are putting together a committee to organize the Great Woodhaven Yard Sale.  We will announce the first meeting in our next Grapevine.  If interested in being part of this fun committee, please let us know!

** There will be a Grocery Auction at Emanuel United Church of Christ on Friday, June 7th at 7:30. PM in the Upstairs Hall.  For $8.00 you get cake, coffee and 50 chances to win groceries of your choice.  This is always a great, fun night out!

** And we wrap up with some wonderful news — about our newest member!  Joya Ann Kuszai, born at 3:19am on Monday, May 20, 2013 – she weighs in at 7lbs, 5oz.  Her father, Joel, is a regular at our meetings, along with his sidekick Oskar — and Joya’s Mommy is Kendra of our Woodhaven Library, and she is doing well and resting!  Congratulations!  We are very happy for you all.

Whew!  There’s always lots going on in Woodhaven!!  Until Next Time!

Your friends and neighbors at the

Woodhaven Resident Block Association

Phone 718-296-3735

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