Bicycle Safety and Theft Prevention

Bicycle Safety and Theft Prevention

Warm weather has finally arrived and as we dust off our  bicycles and head outdoors to enjoy springtime in New York City remember that bicycles are subject to the same traffic rules and regulations as a motor vehicle.

The city has expanded bike lanes into all five boroughs and maps that can assist you in planning a bike trip around the city are available online here: Bike Maps

Be sure to secure your bike to a fixed object. Parking meters and scaffolding are not recommended. Ideally an anchored bicycle rack is the best option.

Be sure to remove any accessories, and for longer term storage consider anchoring or locking the seat.

Removable wheels are recommended as well.

To be vigilant and to combat any rise of bicycle thefts the Community Affairs Bureau Crime Prevention Section coordinates Operation Identification Bike registration campaigns in precincts across New York City.  Contact your local precinct, or by calling the Crime Prevention Section at 212-614-6741.

If you represent a community organization or bicycle rider group, please contact our office to schedule a customized registration drive for your organization.

For more information, please visit our website – – or call us at 212-614-6741. You can also email us at for additional information.

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