Woodhaven Photography Club Launches


The Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association is launching a photography club, officially named “The Joe Virgona Photography Club” after our beloved and longtime member who passed away last year.  The club will meet once a month, on the last Thursday of each month, at the offices of the WRBA, 84-20 Jamaica Avenue at 7 PM.

Each month we will project everyone’s work on to a screen, and you will leave each month with an assignment.  We will also take an occasional group photography trip (for example, we may all go as a group to the park to take photos), we can compare notes on equipment and techniques, and perhaps we can get an occasional guest speaker.  This club is geared towards amateurs — but all levels of expertise is welcome.


Together we will try to resurrect the Woodhaven A Picture a Day Blog — where a new picture is posted every day — each photographer will get credit for their work (and get tagged so they can bring up all their posted pictures easily).  If this takes off, perhaps we can put on a photography exhibit.

Again, the first meeting is next Thursday, April 28th at 7 PM at the WRBA – 84-20 Jamaica Avenue.  At this inaugural meeting we will discuss the form that the club will take.  Please bring 15-20 of your favorite pictures on a flash drive or CD.  Please RSVP to info@woodhaven-nyc.org.

About the Club’s Name:  Joe Virgona was a WW2 Vet and an avid photographer.  He rarely attended an event in Woodhaven without his camera and he loved taking pictures in and around his community.



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