Is This The Same Guy?


Update:  On April 1st, a woman in Elmhurst was attacked and raped (click here, scroll down).  The sketch of him is very similar to the Richmond Hill rapist from 2012 — see for yourself and compare:

sameThe 2012 Richmond Hill rapist was described as: “25 to 35 years old, between 5-foot-5 and 5-foot-7 and approximately 200 pounds with spiked hair.”

The 2013 Elmhurst rapist was described as: “25 to 30 years old, 150 to175 pounds with black spiked hair.”


On Sunday, 5/27/2012 a man raped a woman on 89th Avenue between 102nd and 104th streets.  Although the story says the rape happened in Woodhaven, it was actually in Richmond Hill.  Click here for story.

On Sunday, 1/13/2013 a man attacked a woman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Click here for that story.

Last night, on Twitter, someone made a remark about the resemblance between the sketch of the Richmond Hill suspect and surveillance video of the Williamsburg suspect.  Here they are, so you can compare — similar jowls, or jawline.  Big ears.  Spiky hair.  Eyes look similar.  We have passed along the information to the NYPD to see what they think.  But we’d like to hear your opinion — make sure you vote in our poll below.


One Response to “Is This The Same Guy?”

  1. Corner of Confessions Says:

    From just the image and sketch above, i say no. I do see the similarities but the sketch conveys a certain age, maybe 30’s or early 40s. Sketch artists are really particular and keen on accuracy, they wouldn’t okay a sketch that didn’t correctly correspond to the correct age of the suspect. The photo above? The guy looks younger , in his 20s. I hate to say no, they aren’t the same cause that means there is TWO bad people out there, literally so close to home ( woodhaven). But, trying to be objective and analytical. I can see both how they are similar yet i still see differences too. But, I have faith the police are far more qualified to deduce better and get more answers than speculating.

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