102 Precinct Community Council – January 2013


The following are some comments from the 102 Precinct Community Council meeting which was held on January 15, 2013 in the basement of the Richmond Hill Library.

Captain Henry “Hank” Sautner states that they suffered a” little bit of a rough end to the year.”  The 102 finished about 4.5 percent up in crime overall, the increase primarily driven by robberies.  He’s worked with his staff and tried a new approach particularly on the “western end” of the community.  Though its way too early to get excited, they are seeing dividends.  Robberies have been down 4 percent since they began the new approach.  Crime down 25% to start the year (compared to prior 4-week averages).

Captain Sautner reiterates that “we do have a robbery issue.”  In particular, a “Pattern 159” which he describes as “Disturbing.”  It’s a late teen to early 20s, male Black or Hispanic riding his bicycle preying upon middle aged to older women, riding up behind them and forcibly removing their purses and cell phones.

The 102 is expending much energy on this and the investigation is moving forward.  “The fact is that we’re going to need help from the community to catch this guy,” Captain Sautner says.  Click here to see the wanted flyer.

Next up, the School Bus Strike.  Scheduled for Wednesday.  The city is making contingency plans to make sure our kids get back and forth to school.  There is a big bus depot (Logan) on Atlantic and 97th.  People have the right to assemble there and strike, so the NYPD is already on the scene to make sure it is done safely, with no vandalism, and no one getting hurt.  “The only people that really get hurt here are the children,” the captain said.  Update:  The strike began early Wednesday and the 102 was on the scene:

Captain Sautner goes on today that he’s a big believer in the broken windows theory.  “The idea is to get a handle on the small things, the quality of life things.  If you can keep those in check it keeps the bigger things from spreading.  People may see drinking on the corner or smoking weed as harmless – no, it gives the appearance of disorder and it can lead to bigger things.”

The Captain took time to honor two officers as January’s Cop of the Month for stopping some individuals in the midst of an altercation at 85th Street and 88th Avenue and, in the process, finding a large stash of drugs.  Here is Captain Sautner with the details:

We raised the issue of prostitution that was discussed in this week’s South Forum and we shared a story from a resident — a teacher in a local school who lives nearby and sees them frequently says that some of the girls were as young as 16.  The Captain notes that he has dealt with prostitution throughout his career at various commands – states that it is a crime that preys upon the vulnerable.  However, he hasn’t heard that the women were that young.  He says that he will reach out to his counterparts in Queens Vice and see what they can do.  As far as the location goes, the 102 has made at least 6 arrests at that corner in his brief tenure (12 weeks).  He says that the fact that they keep coming back is unsatisfactory and the 102 will have to up the ante.  Reports that they are young warrants a more detailed look and he would not be opposed to any agency coming in to try and talk to the girls.

A real estate agent on Jamaica Avenue spoke out, reporting a lot of discarded weed bags, loitering on the streets by teens hanging out in storefronts.  He thanks Maria and the BID for her efforts but says its getting out of control.  Captain Sautner noted that he had the holiday post (extra cops), which is now over.  He will try to use the business conditions unit as much as possible with a big focus on west end of Jamaica Avenue.  As for the kids just hanging, he feels that PAL might be able to help.

Captain Sautner goes on to say that some kids are just hanging, getting PAL involved.  Unfair to lump them all into a group; bad teenagers wreaking havoc.  Businesses know that young adults are going to be around and as long as they are around they need to behave like responsible adults.

Meeting ended around 8:30.  Next meeting of the 102 Precinct Community Council is on Tuesday, February 19th at 7 PM in the basement of the Richmond Hill Library.

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