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Introducing — Woodhaven Noisebusters

March 23, 2012

Over the last few years, the Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association has dealt with dozens upon dozens of noise complaints — so many that we’ve lost count. And we’ve heard many promises of solutions. Last summer, the residents of Woodhaven put together a document about the dreadful effects of noise — click here to read it — that was part of public testimony in support of a bill proposed by Councilman Eric Ulrich.

But summer after summer has passed without a resolution to this problem — and another summer is upon us. So the residents of Woodhaven are going rogue and taking things into their own hands. We have formed a group which will be known as the Woodhaven Noisebusters.

Here’s how it works — on selected evenings (mostly Fridays and Saturdays) when the WRBA is notified about a loud party, an alert will be issued via text message and all of the Woodhaven Noisebusters will call 311 and make the noise complaint at the same time.

Thus, a loud house party isn’t going to just get 1 or 2 complaints — it’s going to get 15 or 20.

By “making some noise” about this problem, we hope to encourage a proper solution. Until a proper solution is in place, the Noisebusters will do what they can to combat noise in Woodhaven.