Tower Heist Trailer Released


Last February, the cast and crew of Tower Heist came to Woodhaven to film scenes at Neir’s Tavern.  They were here in the midst of a gigantic blizzard.  Click here for coverage of their stay here in Woodhaven.  Now, the trailer for the film has been released.  There is a quick glimpse of the scene filmed at Neir’s (at about 0:52 of the trailer).  Here is a still:

Here is a shot of Ben Stiller and Tea Leone getting instructions from Director Brett Ratner for this particular scene:

Here is the trailer for Tower Heist, opening November 4th —

Well, let’s hope for a nice long scene at Neir’s 🙂

One Response to “Tower Heist Trailer Released”

  1. Aristedes Philip DuVal Says:

    Was in (Drummer Andy Bigan’s) Neir’s Tavern, in the scene in the middle of the biggest snowstorm, with Shannon of Lez Zeppelin & Jane Gussin of Vivid Screen Designs, Tia Leoni & Ben Stiller.

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