4 Is Not Enough


In recent weeks, the Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association have been hearing more and more complaints about noise. This week, we began collecting statements from residents to be used in testimony in front of the New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection in relation to the noise control code. The response in the last 24 hours has been strong — with some very vivid descriptions of the degradation of quality of life because of noise. Many thanks to all who have written in, it will help put together an impressive message from the residents of Woodhaven. To those who have yet to submit their thoughts, you have until 5 PM tomorrow — sent it to info@woodhaven-nyc.org.

One of the common complaints that we’ve received is that when 311 is called, or even if the Precinct is called directly, a response is not immediate. Or sometimes not at all. That’s because Noise Complaints are treated as non-emergency, and the 102 is not adequately staffed to handle non-emergencies.

So that raised a question that we posed last night on Facebook. It read as follows: Think of the size of Woodhaven — from 75th to 100th St — from Park Lane South to Atlantic Avenue. During an average shift, how many patrol cars do you think would be sufficient to cover Woodhaven? The majority of the answers were in the 5 to 8 range, meaning that it should take 5 to 8 patrol cars to cover Woodhaven.

So, let’s measure this against reality — just how many cars does the 102 have out on patrol?

Would it surprise you if we told you 4 patrol cars? Because that’s how many are out there.

For the entire 102nd Precinct. 

Covering Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, Kew Gardens, and the Northern part of Ozone Park.

4 patrol cars.   Covering this area.

That’s inadequate. We salute the 102 for their hard work and hearing this makes us further appreciate everything they do. It also makes us realize that on top of calling for increased fines for noise violations, we need to call for more patrol cars, and more police to handle emergency situations — and we need to call for noise violations to be handled by a different agency.

D e v e l o p i n g  .  .  .

One Response to “4 Is Not Enough”

  1. noel pena Says:

    The 102 precinct only goes to 103rd avenue, not liberty

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