Send Us Your Noise Complaints


The most common complaint received by the WRBA from residents of Woodhaven is Noise. Please take a few moments to answer one or more of the following questions —

  • How have noise conditions in Woodhaven adversely effected your quality of life?
  • Do you think enough is done to handle noise complaints?
  • Do you feel noise conditions have gotten better or worse over the last 3-5 years?
  • What steps would you like to see taken to improve noise conditions in Woodhaven?

Please send your replies to no later than 5 PM EST THURSDAY JUNE 23rd. If you feel comfortable doing so, please include what street you live on — but it is not necessary.

These statements will be used in testimony in front of the New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection in relation to the noise control code next week, hence the deadline.

Your testimony is important.

2 Responses to “Send Us Your Noise Complaints”

  1. Richard fogal Says:

    My family has had to leave our home on several weekends to stay with other family members last year 2010 in order for us to have quiet time.

    There is not enough being done to quiet the same offenders every weekend.

    Noise has gotten worse over the few years .

    I would like to see the police get out of the cars to listen to the noise rather then just a drive by and say they heard nothing and report that back to the 311 complaint
    311 is useless it takes up to 45 minutes for them to answer a complaint call.

    About 2 years ago I made an email complaint to the Police Commissioner via the NYPD website. In that instance both the 311 operator AND the Desk Officer heard the noise in the background at 3AM. Still nothing was done. The Commissioner’s Office finally sent 2 officers to my home IN NOVEMBER!! I ask what kind of service is that ?

    In another instance, a noise complaint was made to a to 311 operator stating this is a chronic situation and we need help because this is how things can get out of control and could cause someone to get violent — I was asked if i was making a threat ? I said no but the police need to do their job.

    If the Police are incapable or unwilling to handle noise complaints, then some other means of enforcement should be explored.

    Hope this helps

    Richard Fogal

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