Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad — 311 Follow Up


In a previous post, we listed 3 different issues that were called in to 311 and said that we would follow up on them.  First, let’s look at the abandoned car that, at last glance had been sitting at the corner of 91st Street and 86th Avenue 3 weeks after being called in to 311.  In fact, the car had been there for over a year — but we were tracking it from the time we called it in.  If you recall, it had been collecting a lot of tickets as well as dust!

Good news!  On Wednesday, May 4th we noticed that the hood was up — and it was getting a boost!

A neighbor had told us that he was told (by the NYPD) that the car was likely a stolen car — and it was from a car rental agency.  Someone must have put 2 and 2 together and, ladies and gentlemen, here it is — something residents of this street were beginning to think they’d never see — this car in motion —

And the empty spot it left behind?  Someone parked there in about 2 minutes 🙂

Okay, so now we turn our attention to the fallen street light —

We called it in to 311 who transferred us to the Department of Transportation and they had it taken care of within 48 hours.  So, Kudos to the DOT for fast action — here it is:

BTW, you can report issues with street lights online:

DOT Repair Request Form

Okay, as for the tree on Jamaica Avenue — the dangerous condition above the train trestle near 98th Street — it’s still there.

So, here’s our updated chart:

We will make a follow-up 311 call and continue tracking the tree.  If you have items you’d like us to publicly track — potholes, dangerous conditions, etc. drop us a line at

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