Charting 311 Calls — How Are They Doing?


When things go wrong, that aren’t emergencies, we’re told to call 311.  And so, over the past few months, we’ve called 311 on a few occasions.  First, was the dangerous condition on Jamaica Avenue — the large broken branch hanging perilously over the heads of pedestrians.  We made that call to 311 on February 25th —

8 weeks later, the tree is still there.

Then, we reported an abandoned car to 311 — one that’s been sitting at the corner of 91st Street and 86th Avenue for nearly a year.  It’s been ticketed dozens of time.

We just recently got involved and called it in 3 weeks ago.  The 311 complaint was CLOSED the same day — and it says that it was entered in the 102 TOW LOG.  3 weeks later, the car is still sitting there.

So, when we came across this scene — what did we do?

Well, we decided to give 311 another chance — hey, we’re optimists!    Over the phone, they promised us that it would be reviewed within 4 hours — heck, our last call was closed the same day — doesn’t mean it was resolved.

Our complaint number with 311/Department of Transportation is 4219701.

We’ll let you know how it turns out.   We’re keeping tack of these issues —

Tell us your experiences with 311 — and the next time you make a complaint, let us know — e-mail us at, or call our office (if no one answers, leave a message) — 718-296-3735.  Make sure you get the 311 Complaint Number.  Let’s keep track of our 311 complaints together and see how they’re doing.

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