Anyone Want A Car?


There’s an abandoned car down the street from me — it’s been there for quite a while but I never noticed it until a neighbor pointed it out.  The traffic agents have been having a field day, writing ticket after ticket after ticket.

First, let’s introduce you to our friend, a 2009 Chevy — here it is sitting on the corner during our big blizzard.  At this point, it had been sitting there for about 5 or 6 months already.

Here’s a better view of it

As the snow thawed, a bunch of tickets were revealed.  But that didn’t stop the ticket agents from writing even more tickets.  2 days ago we saw one of these guys writing yet another ticket, so we engaged the agent and he told us only if a car had a “ton” of tickets would they not write another one.

You tell us — does this look like a ton of tickets?  Keep in mind, a few of the tickets were destroyed by the snow and the rain —

There was around a dozen tickets and who knows how many that disintegrated.  And then they came along and wrote 2 more.  So we packed them up in a plastic baggie and left the agent a message —

Already Ticketed a Dozen Times and Reported to 311.

Please Tow!

We reported it to 311 and were given the report number of C1-1-642978092.  The 311 was called in at 5:30 PM on Friday 4/1.

We were advised that if the vehicle had no plates, we would have been routed to Sanitation and they would have it towed.

However, since this vehicle had both plates, it needed to go to the NYPD for investigation first.  And as it wasn’t an emergency, it would be prioritized appropriately.

So, now, we wait . . . and keep track . . .

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