A little over 2 weeks ago, the Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association was notified about a house on 80th Street that was abandoned, covered with graffiti, and being used by thugs and vagrants as a hangout.

On the other side of the neighborhood, a house that sat vacant for fifteen years (and had been recently used by teens as a hangout) had recently caught fire and spread to the house next door.  It was a tale of two houses, which we covered here — and the WRBA immediately set forth to make sure the same thing didn’t happen again.

It was a group effort, involving a lot of people.  A lot of phone calls, e-mails, and a healthy does of media attention.  Headlines and front pages like this earned a lot of attention:

And we’re very happy to announce that today — the horror house of 80th Street was SEALED SHUT.  Here it is:

It’s just a first step — but in light of the tragic events on 90th Street this past weekend, it’s a very welcome step.   A big thanks to all involved —

We can’t let up — there are other houses to seal — graffiti to clear up — noise issues to deal with.  The Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association is a group of residents, just like you — people who are willing to volunteer a few hours a month for their community.

The next open meeting is THIS SATURDAY AT 1 PM — at the Volunteer Ambulance Corps, 78-15 Jamaica Avenue.  Come down and say hello — stick around and tell us what’s on your mind.


One Response to “Sealed!”

  1. Susan Farrell Says:

    What a great achievement! It is important that all abandoned houses be reported to the WRBA. Thank you to all those involved for their time and effort in getting this resolved.

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