The WRBA Presents a Woodhaven Art Show


The Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association along with Emanuel Church of Christ are very happy and proud to announce that we will be holding a FREE Art Show on Thursday, March 31st.  It will be held on the ground floor of Emanuel Church (91st Avenue and Woodhaven) and will be open from 1 PM until 8 PM.

Among the artists who will be there is Madeline Lovallo (Official Site) who has produced some lovely painting of Woodhaven and the surrounding communities.  She has a lovely painting of the Forest Park carousel and she is most well known for her painting of Lewis of Woodhaven at Christmas, which was sold as a postcard on Jamaica Avenue a few years ago.

Please note that Ms. Lovallo is a scheduled guest on our radio show — Friday, February 25th at 10 PM.  She is scheduled to call in around 10:30.  Click here to listen.

Making his debut at our show will be Woodhaven resident Jose Moya who, since he retired, has been exploring his remarkable talent —

Funny, I didn’t realize until now that both samples show 85th and Jamaica Avenue.

It will be a very interesting show — and we have a few more artists that will be showing their work.

We will also be showing the works of a few local photographers — one being our good friend, Joe Virgona, who has taken some lovely photos of Woodhaven —

And we will also be showing off some of the photos taken during the first 2 years of Project Woodhaven, here’s a lovely shot taken at dusk this past Winter:

We may also have one or two other surprises up our sleeves 🙂  If you have some artwork that you would like to show — or some photography — or some other form of art — please get in touch with us via E-mail at, or call us at 718-296-3735.

UPDATE: We are very happy to announce that 6 of the artists from BeaverTattoo (on 94th Street) have consented to be part of our Expo and will display a few paintings.

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