Hazardous Condition on Jamaica Avenue


There is a hazardous condition on Jamaica Avenue — be very cautious when walking in this area.  Here’s the situation — on the North side of Jamaica Avenue between 98th Street and 100th Street — on top of the train trestle — there is a fallen tree, or branch.  The trunk is a pretty decent size.  It is being propped up by a much smaller tree.

When that smaller tree finally gives, that branch could come crashing down on to the sidewalk.  Keep in mind, this is right around the corner from the Rosa Parks school.  And, it’s right under the El Train — the rumbling from that could also contribute to it falling from the grasp of the smaller tree.  Take a look:
We called 311 — and explained to them where the tree was — up on the trestle, etc. — they took all of the information and then we were transferred to 911.
911 took the same information down — and took our phone number.  We listened in on the scanner and heard them badly explain to the officer what the situation was (they told him it was a fallen tree on Jamaica Avenue).  He called back in and reported it as a false alarm.
We called back to 311 — their computer system was down but we held on and got a manually generated number — XC022411C345603.
We heard an officer dispatched, but haven’t heard anything since.  We will pass by later today to see if they closed the sidewalk, took down the tree, etc.

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