Woodhaven Town Hall Meeting – Saturday at 1 PM


The next public Town Hall meeting in Woodhaven will be held this coming Saturday at 1 PM.  It will be held at the Woodhaven-Richmond Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corps, 78-15 Jamaica Avenue.

The city’s response to the most recent snow storm — and our efforts to organize — will be amongst the topics discussed at the next meeting.  This will be your chance to make your voice heard on how you felt about the cleanup, the snow removal, the garbage collections, etc.

Streets like the following — shown 72 hours after the storm stopped — will be a hot topic of discussion —

After a few of the articles in the local press — like this one and this one — led to the Department of Sanitation graciously reaching out and saying that they are looking to work with the residents of Woodhaven, as partners, to ensure they get the best information to help with the cleanup after a storm.

Speaking of our Block Captains, we’re now up to 39 Block captains covering 62 Blocks — nearly 30% of Woodhaven — see if your block is covered:

Lot of red on that map, now — isn’t there?  Be part of a winning team —

If you sign up as a Block Captain, you can serve as anonymously as you want — your neighbors will NOT be knocking on your doors with their complaints!

If you can look out your front door and tell us if your block has been plowed — or if trees are down — then you can serve as a Block Captain.

Saturday at 1 PM.  The Woodhaven-Richmond Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corps, 78-15 Jamaica Avenue.   See you there.  Here’s a video to whet your appetite:

Here’s another 🙂







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