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Hazardous Condition on Jamaica Avenue

February 25, 2011

There is a hazardous condition on Jamaica Avenue — be very cautious when walking in this area.  Here’s the situation — on the North side of Jamaica Avenue between 98th Street and 100th Street — on top of the train trestle — there is a fallen tree, or branch.  The trunk is a pretty decent size.  It is being propped up by a much smaller tree.

When that smaller tree finally gives, that branch could come crashing down on to the sidewalk.  Keep in mind, this is right around the corner from the Rosa Parks school.  And, it’s right under the El Train — the rumbling from that could also contribute to it falling from the grasp of the smaller tree.  Take a look:
We called 311 — and explained to them where the tree was — up on the trestle, etc. — they took all of the information and then we were transferred to 911.
911 took the same information down — and took our phone number.  We listened in on the scanner and heard them badly explain to the officer what the situation was (they told him it was a fallen tree on Jamaica Avenue).  He called back in and reported it as a false alarm.
We called back to 311 — their computer system was down but we held on and got a manually generated number — XC022411C345603.
We heard an officer dispatched, but haven’t heard anything since.  We will pass by later today to see if they closed the sidewalk, took down the tree, etc.

The WRBA Presents a Woodhaven Art Show

February 25, 2011

The Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association along with Emanuel Church of Christ are very happy and proud to announce that we will be holding a FREE Art Show on Thursday, March 31st.  It will be held on the ground floor of Emanuel Church (91st Avenue and Woodhaven) and will be open from 1 PM until 8 PM.

Among the artists who will be there is Madeline Lovallo (Official Site) who has produced some lovely painting of Woodhaven and the surrounding communities.  She has a lovely painting of the Forest Park carousel and she is most well known for her painting of Lewis of Woodhaven at Christmas, which was sold as a postcard on Jamaica Avenue a few years ago.

Please note that Ms. Lovallo is a scheduled guest on our radio show — Friday, February 25th at 10 PM.  She is scheduled to call in around 10:30.  Click here to listen.

Making his debut at our show will be Woodhaven resident Jose Moya who, since he retired, has been exploring his remarkable talent —

Funny, I didn’t realize until now that both samples show 85th and Jamaica Avenue.

It will be a very interesting show — and we have a few more artists that will be showing their work.

We will also be showing the works of a few local photographers — one being our good friend, Joe Virgona, who has taken some lovely photos of Woodhaven —

And we will also be showing off some of the photos taken during the first 2 years of Project Woodhaven, here’s a lovely shot taken at dusk this past Winter:

We may also have one or two other surprises up our sleeves 🙂  If you have some artwork that you would like to show — or some photography — or some other form of art — please get in touch with us via E-mail at, or call us at 718-296-3735.

UPDATE: We are very happy to announce that 6 of the artists from BeaverTattoo (on 94th Street) have consented to be part of our Expo and will display a few paintings.

Be Cautious Who You Let In

February 25, 2011

Be careful who you let into your house to inspect your boiler, heater, or chimney.  There is a company going around using language which leads you to believe they are from your friendly utility company, but they are not.  And the resulting work can cost in the thousands of dollars — and they are working Woodhaven right now.

We have had a few reports of Woodhaven residents getting phone calls from a company telling you that your chimney or heating system is due for an inspection.  The name on the Caller ID may look official — for example, it may say “Brooklyn Union” — but you need to remember that Brooklyn Union Gas no longer exists.

Typically, they will make an appointment, tell you that you need lots of work (totaling thousands of dollars) — and they are hoping that because you believe they’re the utility company, you’ll go along with their prognosis.  These companies prey on the elderly, especially those who are alone.

Do not fall for this — and spread the word to your friends and neighbors!

This sort of thing has been reported on in the media recently (see here and here) but the WRBA feels that it’s very important that we get the word out in Woodhaven.

What can you do to protect yourself?  Never make an appointment right away.  Take the callers information and check with your utility company.  Their number will be on your monthly utility bill.

Again — we are getting calls from residents saying that they are getting these calls now — so we know they are working Woodhaven.

Be very careful who you let into your home to do work — check with your utility company — check for ID — take your time and think about what your doing.  Do not let anyone pressure you into signing anything.

If you do have such an encounter — and you do not feel it was legitimate — please contact the Woodhaven Residents Block Association — E-mail us at or call us at 718-296-3735.  We are talking to our local elected officials and they are talking to the AG’s office to see what can be done.

Alert: No Recycling Collection On Saturday, February 12th

February 11, 2011

Just a reminder that our public Town Hall meeting will be held this Saturday at 1 PM at the Woodhaven Volunteer Ambulance Corps (78-15 Jamaica Avenue).  We’re now up to 42 Block Captains covering 69 Blocks — click here to see the latest map!

Thanks to the efforts of our Block Captains, the DSNY reached out to us and want to work with us to streamline communications and the reporting of issues.  They will be sending their Community Affairs Officer to Saturday’s meeting.

Speaking of the Department of Sanitation, we have an important announcement to pass along:


The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) announced today that in observance of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday holiday, there will be no curbside recycling collection on Saturday, February 12, 2011.
Residents who normally receive Saturday curbside GARBAGE collection should place their trash out at curbside Friday, February 11th after 4 P.M. for pickup.

Those receiving Saturday curbside recycling collection will not have their recycling picked up until the following Saturday, February 19th.

* * * * * * * * * *

So, in shorter words — this Saturday . . . regular garbage YES, recyclables NO.


Woodhaven Town Hall Meeting – Saturday at 1 PM

February 8, 2011

The next public Town Hall meeting in Woodhaven will be held this coming Saturday at 1 PM.  It will be held at the Woodhaven-Richmond Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corps, 78-15 Jamaica Avenue.

The city’s response to the most recent snow storm — and our efforts to organize — will be amongst the topics discussed at the next meeting.  This will be your chance to make your voice heard on how you felt about the cleanup, the snow removal, the garbage collections, etc.

Streets like the following — shown 72 hours after the storm stopped — will be a hot topic of discussion —

After a few of the articles in the local press — like this one and this one — led to the Department of Sanitation graciously reaching out and saying that they are looking to work with the residents of Woodhaven, as partners, to ensure they get the best information to help with the cleanup after a storm.

Speaking of our Block Captains, we’re now up to 39 Block captains covering 62 Blocks — nearly 30% of Woodhaven — see if your block is covered:

Lot of red on that map, now — isn’t there?  Be part of a winning team —

If you sign up as a Block Captain, you can serve as anonymously as you want — your neighbors will NOT be knocking on your doors with their complaints!

If you can look out your front door and tell us if your block has been plowed — or if trees are down — then you can serve as a Block Captain.

Saturday at 1 PM.  The Woodhaven-Richmond Hill Volunteer Ambulance Corps, 78-15 Jamaica Avenue.   See you there.  Here’s a video to whet your appetite:

Here’s another 🙂