10 Inches of Snow Coming To Woodhaven


The National Weather Service is calling for 10 inches of snow on the streets of Woodhaven by tomorrow morning.  There are around 3 or 4 inches out there as of 1 PM on Wednesday, but the snow will increase overnight (along with the winds) and by morning, nearly a foot of snow will be on the ground.  Will you be able to get off your block to go to work?

Take a look at this block — this is 88th Avenue between 78th and 85th Streets 2 days after the last mini-storm.  It was clear that it had never seen a plow, nor did it get salted — and it showed, the street was passable, but very slippery.  That’s a long stretch — we’re sure some of those folks called 311.  And this is the result.

During the last storm, our Block Captains reported a few blocks that needed attention, and we called them in.  If your block has a Block captain, your block is insured.  Simple as that. Here’s our current map, the blocks in red have Captains:

Recent additions to the Block Captain program:

  • 77th Street from Jamaica Avenue to 90th Avenue
  • 89th Avenue between Woodhaven Boulevard and 91st Street
  • 82nd Street between Atlantic Avenue and 91st Avenue
  • 85th Avenue between Forest Parkway and 85th Street
  • 96th from 91st Ave to Jamaica Ave.

If your block doesn’t have a Captain, you should consider signing up.  Basically, you send us your name, E-mail Address, and Phone number — when there’s a storm or an emergency, we contact you and ask how your block is — that’s all there is to it.  E-mail us at info@woodhaven-nyc.org.

If your block doesn’t have a Block Captain and you can’t get off your block tomorrow, go through 311 or whatever methods you feel comfortable with.  Good luck!  You can see how good it worked out for 92nd Street just off of Jamaica Avenue — here they are 2 days after the last mini-storm:

One last thing — give some thought to how these things work.  After the blizzard we had after Christmas, the Department of Sanitation is scrambling to make sure as many streets are clean as possible.  But if they are getting dinked and dunked by a street here, a street in Richmond hill, a street in Ozone Park, etc. it makes it less and less likely they will get to them all.

We are delivering to them a listing of streets, all in one locale — giving them information in this manner makes it more likely we will get attention (especially with the contacts we have).

But if you’d rather go through 311 . . .





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