Woodhaven Braces For Another Blizzard


7 inches?  10 inches?  14 inches?  We’ve heard all sorts of nasty predictions for tomorrow and we have to hope the dire predictions will encourage our city to be better prepared.

From the NY Daily News:

A nasty winter storm is threatening to roar into the city Tuesday night and could dump 10 inches or more of snow on us.

Forecasters say the storm that crippled the Deep South will move off the coast, gain strength, then lumber up the Atlantic seaboard.

“It will intensify as it makes that trek up the coast,” said Joe Pollina of the National Weather Service.

Snow is expected to start falling around 7 p.m. Tuesday and get heavier after midnight. Things are expected to taper off by around midday on Wednesday.

Sounds like a lot of snow.  For our part, we have been attempting to organize and we have now signed up 20 Block Captains in Woodhaven — now, just to clarify, basically during emergency conditions, we will call upon these Block captains to go on to their porch or open their front door — and report in and let us know what sort of conditions they are seeing.  All we really require is a way to communicate with you — E-mail is preferred, but we do have a few captains that we will communicate with by phone.  Ideally, we will have 2 ways to get in touch with you (E-mail and phone).

Here is the map of what parts of Woodhaven have Block Captains:

If you want to be part of this, just drop us an e-mail:


Dress warm and be careful!

Note: E-Mail address corrected.


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