Statements Regarding the Blizzard


We are getting reports from all around Woodhaven and we are aware — and share your frustration — that we haven’t been plowed yet.  Here are what our elected officials are saying:

State Senator Joe Addabbo:

“I have the utmost respect for the NYC Department of Sanitation workers, and I thank them and others for their efforts following the blizzard. I am disappointed and bothered by the lack of priority given to the residential side streets throughout our communities many hours after the snowfall. These streets remained unplowed and unmanageable for emergency vehicles, people on their way to work and those who had doctor appointments.

“Given the amount of notice that this sizable snow storm was coming and all the hours that passed after the storm, having the streets not plowed is totally unacceptable.”

Assemblyman Mike Miller:

“During the early hours of the storm, the city did a phenomenal job of keeping the roads safe. Unfortunately, at some point during the night, they were overloaded. Our sanitation workers have been working hard, some of them pulling double shifts and putting in extra hours, but its time that the residents of Queens get the help they need.  It has been over 48 hours since the storm passed and our lives are still being disrupted by the snow. This is just another example of how Queens and the residents of my district constantly get the short end of the stick. This is a disgrace”

Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley:

The Dept of Sanitation is making every effort to plow all city sreets, much frustration is had here in Queens over the shape of the roads please know that if you called the office, sent an email or message on facebook that we are forwarding all info to the DSNY and I am hopeful that every road will get plowed by this evening.

Ms. Crowley was also collecting complaints from her constituents via Facebook.  Also active on Facebook was Councilman Eric Ulrich who posted the following:

I just took this photo outside my apartment. Its already past midnight and not even my street has been plowed yet. The city’s slow response is simply unacceptable.

He posted the following picture:

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to call 311 and let them know your street hasn’t been plowed yet.  And follow it up by reporting road conditions to the public advocate:

This has been more than an inconvenience — it has been a disaster.  It has put lives at risk.  It has been an economic bombshell at a time when our businesses can least afford it.  As you can see above, our elected officials are in the same boat and share your frustration.


4 Responses to “Statements Regarding the Blizzard”

  1. Karen Says:

    85th Drive between 76 St. and 79 St. NEVER sees a plow. We can’t even dig out our cars. I might not be driving my car until April (and that is only if we don’t have another snow storm). Queens, as usual – the forgotten boro. Oh and did anyone notice, most of the blackouts were here also.

    • Judy Close Says:

      Sen. Joe Addabbo further stated on December 28 re blizzard cleanup: “Over the past days, I have been going throughout the district and reporting to the Sanitation Department key areas that are in need of plowing…As I continue to survey the district, if I can be of any assistance to a specific area, please call either district office with detailed information.” Karen, please call the Middle Village District Office: 718-497-1630, with your exact location and we’ll follow up for you.

  2. Vance Says:

    Finally at 5AM this morning (12/29) a plow came through my street. When I left for work this morning I noticed that it only skimmed two of the three feet of snow that had accumulated. With a foot of snow left people were already beginning to dig out and try to tackle commuting. I wonder how long it will be before one of them gets stuck in the remaining foot of snow left in the middle of the street.

  3. Jean Says:

    As of 1:00 AM December 30th, 87th Avenue (between 80th and 85th) has not seen ANY snowplow. And to make matters worse, residents at the 80th Street end found it necessary to shovel out their cars and put that snow in the middle of the street. There is now a mountain of snow in the street at that end of the block.

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