What’s Wrong With This?


Check out this story on Eyewitness news — here’s a screen grab —

Yeah, 107th Street is one of my favorite parts of Woodhaven….

Why can’t the media ever tell Woodhaven and Richmond Hill apart? Don’t they have access to Google?  Some time during the day they recognized their error and added a “Richmond Hill” tag to the story — but the text still says the fire happened in Woodhaven.

And what the heck’s up with that headline?  Firess? Who wrote that?  Gollum?



One Response to “What’s Wrong With This?”

  1. Corner of Confessions Says:

    I agree the media can never tell the borders for Woodhaven, Richmond Hill and Ozone park. It’s frustrating because Woodhaven isn’t that big, 12 block radius at the most. If that isn’t easy enough, a casual glance around would solve the problem because deli’s usually tag the neighborhood in their name. Think some of these reporters need to go take a refresher journalism course eh?

    LOL at the Gollum joke! Priceless.

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