Tornado – Updates


Here are some updates from our elected officials.  We will try and post them as we get them

Update 10:55 PM – From Elizabeth Crowley – The storm has left much devastation throughout the 30th Council district, our office will be open until late tonight and early tomorrow morning 718 366-3900 or call at anytime 646 675-8454 if we can be of assistance, pls check with friends and neighbors to make sure they are safe, call 911 in case of emergency and 311 to report trees down

Update 11:22 PM – From Mike Miller – I am out and looking over the 38th AD. You can reach me 24/7. Call 718.805.0950. I hope you are safe. Many trees and electrical wires are down. If I can be of any help, please call. Call 911 in case of emergency. Please call 311 to report trees that are down. Go to Fill out the 311 form on my site so I can follow up on your complaints.

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