And The Color Will Be . . .


For far too long, the condition of our elevated J Line has been an eyesore — and year after year we would hear about plans to repair and paint it.  Only to see those plans vanish into thin air.

It’s not only that it needs painting — it needs a lot of repair work, too.  The cement that supports the stanchions is crumbling — the metal is rusting and, in places, rotted away.  This train line is almost 100 years old — it’s bound to need a little sprucing up!  Here it is, 94 years ago —

I wonder how many times over the years it has been painted.  I recall a time when it was green, then it was painted again — what, about 25 or 30 years ago?

At the most recent meeting of Community Board 9, it was announced that work would commence on the Elevated Line through Woodhaven this September.   First up — the staircases are being repaired.  This should be done by November.

General repairs and painting along the Elevated Line will also begin this Fall.  Sources tell us that the plan is to work on one side of the Elevated Line all the way through Woodhaven — then come back and work on the other side.  The question many folks are wondering is — what color did they choose?  Well, if they were picking a color for Woodhaven, they picked the right one —

Forest Green. Perfect, isn’t it? We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the start of repairs — and as soon as we have a confirmed schedule we’ll let you know.  Many thanks to all our residents who kept the pressure on the city — and to our elected officials — Sen. Addabbo, Assemblyman Miller, Couniclmembers Ulrich and Crowley.  Look forward to seeing the finished product.


One Response to “And The Color Will Be . . .”

  1. Joe Virgona Says:

    I was discusing the painting of the EL today with a friend and two issues came up. Why will it be painted a dark color? While covering a multitude of sins it would make the the whole area darker. Second issue – why start painting late in the year when it become too cold to paint?

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