We’re Not Gonna Take This Crap, Are We?


At some point, I expect folks will get real frustrated.  We’ve lost area hospitals.  Every year they threaten the vital transit lines that go through our neighborhood.  Our local precinct is badly understaffed.  And now our firehouses are at risk and our Woodhaven Library is in danger of closing.

What, exactly, as we getting for our taxes?  And when is enough enough?  At what point do you slam down your hands and say “That’s it!  Enough!”

That point should be now.

I spent most of my life, blissfully unaware of my surroundings — so I’ve got no moral authority here, no call to criticize folks for sitting on their hands.  All I can do is pass along this simple truth —

If the residents of Woodhaven don’t mobilize — and mobilize fast — we will lose a firehouse and we will lose our library.

And if you don’t want this to happen, you can start by coming out tomorrow night — meeting your neighbors — voicing your concerns and frustrations — and most importantly, showing those with influence that the residents of Woodhaven aren’t a bunch of pushovers.



78-15 JAMAICA AVENUE (Ambulance Corp)

Come down and hear about the thousands and thousands of dollars — your tax dollars — all of this money was allocated to the Woodhaven Library by our reps — and the Queens Central Library decided other neighborhoods’s Libraries  would get it instead.

Great.  The kids in Jackson Heights and Astoria will go to Libraries funded with our tax dollars, while our kids do without a Library at all.  If that doesn’t piss you off, nothing will.

Don’t say to yourself  “Oh, I’ll go next month . . .” because by next month it may be too late.  It’s one night out of your life in Woodhaven — that’s all — and around 2 hours of your time.

We’re not gonna take this crap anymore and we need you at our side.

Edward K. Wendell


Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association


One Response to “We’re Not Gonna Take This Crap, Are We?”

  1. Donna M Caltabiano Says:

    The Albany gang can’t come together on a budget without new taxes or threatening drastic cuts ot our vital services. Anyone who runs a household knows that you can’t pay your bills (make ends meet) by taxing your kids. You do it by conserving and watching your spending. Albany needs to do this. I’ve been told by a state senator that they are trying to enact over 10 different taxes to balance the budget. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH>

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