Woodhaven’s Seniors Need Your Help!


After being housed at St. Thomas the Apostle for 35 years, the WOODHAVEN SENIOR CENTER found themselves needing to rent new accommodations, something not so easily found in Woodhaven. However, they are now working with the Woodhaven Volunteer Ambulance Corps to rent out space in their building on 78th and Jamaica. Both the ambulance corp. and the senior center are non-profit programs and it is wonderful that they can work together. And since the senior center will be paying a monthly rent, it will help keep the Ambulance Corps solvent as well.

But, before the seniors can move in, some construction needs to be done — and this, right now, is our only roadblock.  Simply put — our seniors need your help.

First — they are having a press conference tomorrow (Tuesday – April 20th) at 3:30 PM at the Ambulance Corp. We really need a show of support. We need a lot of bodies to show up. Call your friends and neighbors, see who is available. Even if you just come down and fill a seat you will be helping them out.

Then, on Saturday, May 1st, the Ambulance Corps is holding a Spring fundraiser to help make accommodations for the senior center. It starts at 3 and will continue until 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 per person and can be purchased at the door. There will be good food, fun and music. Come on down and have a fun time and help out a good cause!

Click here to see how the last fundraiser at the Ambulance Corps went — everyone had a wonderful time!


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