Be Part Of The Solution – Wednesday 8 PM


The residents of Woodhaven will gather once again to discuss the issues that concern us most — and seek out solutions. The April Town Hall Meeting will commence on Wednesday Evening, at 8 PM EST at 78-18 Jamaica Avenue. There will be the usual mix of elected officials and public announcements — but this month we’d like to start mapping out the next few months and look for ways in which we can mobilize our community.

We have so many different organizations and groups in Woodhaven, and yet they spend almost zero time communicating with each other. My feeling is that we need to work on that, and to do so we will need folks who can help us facilitate those communications. So part of this week’s meeting is going to be a brainstorming session — and we need all the brains we can get. Be part of the solution. Come out Wednesday Night and meet your neighbors.


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