The WRBA Remembers Walter Roundtree


The Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association was extremely saddened to learn that an old friend, Walter H. Roundtree of the NYC Comptroller’s Office, has passed away.

Everyone who encountered Walter came away smiling and enriched, and in his position, he touched a lot of people.

Walter Roundtree was honored at the 2007 WRBA Dinner Dance.  His acceptance speech was memorable because he called up many friends and people he interacted with to share his honor.  Here is Walter’s bio from the 2007 Dinner Dance booklet:

Walter H. Roundtree is a Vietnam-Era Veteran who earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the Long Island University. Walter began his career working for the New York City Department of Social Services and subsequently worked for the New York City Department of Youth Services. He was soon promoted to Executive Director of seven (CDA – YAC) funded youth programs in the Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bedford-Stuyvesant communities in Brooklyn. He was later appointed as Associate Director of the Manhattan-based Vocational Foundation Inc. in the area of Education and Job Development for Youth & Young Adults. He left Vocational Foundation to found Worldnet Associates, Inc. as CEO/ Vice President of Marketing & Promotions. His work in Marketing & Promotions led him to an Account Executive advertising position with DPL, Inc. on Madison Ave. Vested from Merrill Lynch, Inc. as a Dividend Manager & Consultant, he returned to his first love: community service.

Walter is the proud father of 5 adult children and grandfather of 9 grandchildren. Having worked for previous administrations, he currently acts as the Citywide Representative to New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson Jr. His areas of expertise are Business Improvement Districts, Senior, Veteran and Youth Programs and Community Boards. Every year for the past 40 years, Walter has lent his volunteer and fundraising skills to support a number of health, humanitarian and disaster relief efforts both locally & internationally. The Bowery Mission, Catholic Charities, The American Cancer Society, Share, AIDS-Walk, The United Way, Toys for Tots, City Harvest, Women of Need, Inwood House, Hale House, Project Hope, The Living Room, McCauley Mission, The American Diabetes Association and the Red Cross are just some of the many organizations to which he has vigorously donated his time and efforts. Show Walter a genuine cause, and more than likely he will support it. He has received countless letters and awards for his efforts, but he is quick to remind us of the words of his father: “Kindness is its own reward”.

The WRBA extends its’ sympathy and condolences to Walter’s family and friends.

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