WRBA Launches New Website

The new website of the Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association went live on Thursday, April 7th, providing a valuable resource for those interested in the organization and its work to improve Woodhaven.
WRBA's Homepage

The Woodhaven Residents' Block Association's New Website

The website’s address is www.woodhaven-nyc.org. The site features news, announcements, information on Woodhaven, background on the WRBA, photos, guides on issues important to the community, and an array of other information. It will be updated very frequently.

“It’s crucial for the Block Association to have a real online presence. Now, we have not just any online presence, but an exceptionally well-designed and user-friendly one,” said Alexander J. Blenkinsopp, WRBA Director of Communications. “We will work hard to keep this site current and to maintain it as a helpful tool for the people of Woodhaven.”

Advance reviews of the website by Woodhaven residents were very positive.

“There is lots of information on what the WRBA does for the community,” Woodhaven resident Stacey Kerr said. “The site is easy to navigate, doesn’t overwhelm with information, and is easy on the eyes.”

Woodhaven resident Grace Cangialosi Rotondo said, “Very nice. It is chock full of information,” noting that she particularly liked the documentation of Woodhaven’s history and the photo slide show. “I will definitely bookmark the site,” she added.

The WRBA encourages readers to share the new website’s address with others, and to provide feedback. The organization’s contact information is available on the website.


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