Woodhaven Photography Club


We’re throwing this out there to gauge interest in starting a new club – The Woodhaven Photography Club.  We’re looking to gather together amateur photographers from the Woodhaven, Queens area.  Here’s what we envision, though we are open to ideas:

1) We would have periodic meetings where we show off our favorite work.

2) We could have occasional field trips — such as a walk through a section of Forest Park, taking photos.

3) We could possibly arrange for guest speakers, someone with expertise in the photography field.

4) If we have enough members, perhaps we could have an annual Photo Exhibit, where we invite the public to view our work.

As these meetings will take place in Woodhaven, you would need to live in the neighborhood, or nearby.  We’re hoping to get about 10 interested members in order to get started.  If interested, send an e-mail to projectwoodhaven@aol.com and put “PHOTO CLUB” in the Subject.

One Response to “Woodhaven Photography Club”

  1. Bill Johnert Says:

    A Woodhaven Photography Club sounds like a good idea. Members could post neighborhood photos to document what a lovely community Woodhaven is without high suburban taxes and transportation costs. Project Woodhaven is now the ‘defacto photo club’ with great postings. I am happy to contribute when I can.

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