Woodhaven Needs Your Help!


On Friday’s episode of Project Woodhaven On The Air — Woodhaven’s only LIVE Talk Show — Assemblyman Mike Miller asked for our help. 

We have a Senior Center in Woodhaven without a home — currently they need to take a bus all the way down to 118th Street in Richmond Hill.

They have reached a tentative agreement with the Woodhaven Richmond Hill Ambulance Corps to house the Senior Center at 78th Street and Jamaica Avenue.  This is a perfect solution — as it will also benefit the Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

Here’s the problem — the building cannot be rented until some modifications are made.  And for that, they need plans and they need an architect.  The Senior Center and the Vol. Ambulance Corps are strapped for cash, so they’re looking for a kind-hearted architect 🙂

If you are that person — or you know someone who may be interested — please get in touch with Assemblyman Mike Miller at (718) 805-0950.  These are two organizations that are important to Woodhaven — here’s hoping this plea for help is answered!


3 Responses to “Woodhaven Needs Your Help!”

  1. WALTER Says:


    PHONE # 718-846-6280

  2. wrba Says:

    Good idea, Walter — we’ll pass that along to Mr. Miller. Much appreciated!

  3. Judy Close Says:

    There’s an architect in Richmond Hill, Ivan Mrakovcic, who was President of the Richmond Hill Historical Society and maybe still is, and possibly serves now on the Richmond Hill Block Assoc. His contact info and email from my rolodex is: Ivan Mrakovcic, Architect, 85003 114 Street, Richmond Hill North, NY 11418; 718-805-5711. Email: ivanmrakovcic@gmail.com.

    In case that is very old info, you might track him down by calling The Richmond Hill Historical Society’s phone: 718-847-6070. Email: vilnisman@aol.com.

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