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Next Town Hall Meeting – August 19th at 8 PM

August 18, 2009

Each month, residents of Woodhaven gather to discuss the issues that concern them. However, it’s much different these days than it was many years ago — when most blocks in Woodhaven had “Block Captains” and residents were willing to stand up and let their voices be heard.

We’re trying to turn back the clock a bit — and we need the help of the residents of Woodhaven. If you’d like to be part of this effort, you can start by attending one of our monthly Town Hall meetings. The next meeting is Wednesday, August 18th at 8 PM – the meeting is held at the Volunteer Ambulance Corp at 78-15 Jamaica Avenue.


We’re getting a visit from the Fire Department (to give us fire safety tips) and then we’re opening the floor to discussion — the topic: “What Are The Top 10 Issues That Concern Woodhaven.”

A lot of folks complain about their neighborhood — here’s a chance to get involved and play a part in how our problems get resolved. Woodhaven needs your help.

Puddles, Puddles, Everywhere!

August 4, 2009

At a recent meeting of the WRBA, one of the attendees approached me and told me about the sewer at his corner, and how quickly it backed up when it rained.  I know how annoying that can be as I lived on a block with a sewer like that for 20 years.  People on that block were so used to it that whenever rain was in the forecast they avoided parking at the corner because, otherwise, they’d have to walk in water up to their ankles to get back to their car the next day.  

We’ve had ample rain this summer — and ample time to notice that we have a number of sewers with similar problems here in Woodhaven, many of them on Jamaica Avenue.


These become a real nuisance for pedestrians — many of them elderly — and since they cannot leap over them, they look for ways around them.  That leads to folks crossing Jamaica Avenue in the middle of the street, stepping between cars into traffic.  Sooner or later, what seems like a simple problem is going to lead to a regrettable tragedy.

And it’s not just on Jamaica Avenue where this is an issue.  Many of the side streets are a problem.  Here, below, is the block I grew up on — 86th Drive and Woodhaven Boulevard.  Both sides of the street get flooded out when it rains real hard:


With the economy as it is, we probably shouldn’t expect major repairs any time soon.  On the other hand, if the Obama Administration is looking for shovel-ready jobs to spend their “stimulus” money on – we’ve got a bunch of sewers right here in Woodhaven that need some digging out.

Do you have a sewer on your block that backs up and floods the street?  Drop us a line — or leave a message in the comments.  We’ll be compiling a list of problem spots and seeing if we can get something done.

Welcome to “The Voice of Woodhaven”

August 3, 2009

Welcome to “The Voice of Woodhaven” — a group blog written for and by the residents of Woodhaven, Queens.  This blog is maintained by The Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association.  And though the board members will be contributors, they will not — we hope — be the only voices you “hear.” 

We are interested in other voices — and using this forum to hear your thoughts and opinions.  We want to engage the community and get a real neighborhood-wide conversation going. 

It’ll be interesting to see what direction this goes in.  If you are interested in controbuting to this blog — even if it were just one small entry per month — please drop us a line.  For now, you can reach “us” at